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Where can you find pictures of Bill Leaks cartoons?

I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I am pasting a link below that may be of assistance.. http://www.newsphotos.com.au/photogalleryhome.asp?CatID=138&DocID=72&DocType=2

What is the value of a 1913 US 10.00 bill?

Answer . The U.S. did not print $10 bills with that date. You may have a note that was issued by a private bank, which was allowed at that time. You'll need to have it evaluated in person by an professional who deals with banknotes.

What is a 1934 10.00 bill worth?

At most, it would be at least worth about 70 dollars. If not, then the current amount of $10.00 would still be worth $10.

Who's pictures are on the 500 bill?

Answer. William McKinley is on the $500 bill on the front and on back is DeSoto discovering the Mississippi in 1541

Who is on the 10.00 bill?

Assuming you are referring to the United States of America currency, it is Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. See the link below. (Many years ago, Andrew Jackson was on the $10-dollar bill with the same portrait now on the $20.)

Hilary and bill cliton pictures?

Hilary and Bill Clinton have plenty of pictures posted online.There are also pictures of them at national archival libraries.

Whos face is on the 10.00 dollar bill?

Alexander Hamilton is the design of the obverse of the ten dollarbill. The reverse of the bill shows the United States Treasurybuilding.

What special pictures are on US bills?

$1 - George Washington on the front, the US seal on the back, among other things $2 - Thomas Jefferson on the back, signing of the Declaration of Independence on the back (since he wrote it) $5 - Abraham Lincoln on the front, Lincoln Memorial on the back (his memorial) $10 - Alexander Hamilton ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 10.00 bill series 1934 A stamped Hawaii?

Your bill retails for about $45 in worn condition, up to maybe $75 in better condition. To explain what you have, at the start of WW2 the government took many bills from the 1934 and 1935 series and overprinted them with HAWAII. They were shipped to that territory to replace ordinary bills so that ( Full Answer )

Whose picture is on 10 dollar bill?

Each of the bills in US currency has a prominent leader on it. Thepicture on the 10 dollar bill is Alexander Hamilton.

What is a confederate 10.00 bill dated 1863 worth?

Changes are about 99.99% that you have one of the millions of replicas that have been sold at gift shops or as "collectibles". They're generally very well made, using artificially aged paper and photo-reproduced printing. Look for the word COPY worked into the design somewhere. If the bill is rel ( Full Answer )

What pictures are on US bills?

Current bills: . $1: Front - George Washington, 1st president; reverse - TheGreat Seal of the United States . $2: Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president ; the Signing of theDeclaration of Independence . $5: Abraham Lincoln, 16th president ; the Lincoln Memorial . $10: Alexander Hamilton, first Treasu ( Full Answer )

Whose pictures are on US dollar bills?

Current bills: $1: George Washington, 1st president $2: Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president $5: Abraham Lincoln, 16th president $10: Alexander Hamilton, first Treasury Secretary $20: Andrew Jackson, 7th president $50: Ulysses Grant, 18th president $100: Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, scientist, s ( Full Answer )

Is there a picture of a US 500 dollar bill?

While it's not Answers.com policy to say "use the Internet", that'sthe best approach in this case. You can use any major searchengine, or look at the "Large Denominations" page at moneyfactory(dot) gov, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website. $500 bills have never been formally withdrawn but ( Full Answer )

Picture of a 100000 dollar bill?

Series: 1934 Portrait: Woodrow Wilson Back Vignette: The United States of America - 100,000 - OneHundred Thousand Dollars The $100,000 Gold Certificate was used only for officialtransactions between Federal Reserve Banks and was never circulatedamong the general public. This note cannot be le ( Full Answer )

Are there Picture of the 1938 fifty dollar bill?

Below is a link to a Series 1934 $50 bill. The US never printed any bills dated 1938. Morgenthau was Secretary of the Treasury between 1934 and 1938 (actually, until 1945) and the design of the bill was not otherwise changed until the 1960's.

How much is a 1934 10.00 dollar bill worth?

There were several different types of $10 bill printed with the 1934 date. Check the bill's seal color (blue, green, brown, etc) and whether there's a small letter next to the date. Auction values as of 07/2009: Green seal Federal Reserve Notes $12 to $20 in circulated condition, regardless ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 10.00 confederate bill?

The likelihood that your bill is real is quite small. A number of companies have been printing replica notes since the 1920s and selling them as novelties and display items. There are many more replicas than genuine Confederate bills in the marketplace. The images are photocopied from genuine bil ( Full Answer )

What is a 1933 star 10.00 bill worth?

That is an extremely rare note. Even in well worn condition it's worth over $1,000 -- a nice one is worth $5,000 or more. You need to get it certified by PCGS Currency : http://www.pcgscurrency.com/index.html Then you will be able to determine an exact value. Dan Moore The Working Man's Rare Co ( Full Answer )

Who picture is on a 100 dollar bill in Africa?

Africa is a continent with several dozen countries. Some of those countries, including Zimbabwe, have a currency called 'Dollar', which is separate and distinct from the US Dollar. To get an actual answer, you would have to ask - "who appears on the {Year} {NameOfCountry} $100 note".

Who is face on a 10.00 bill?

The first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton is currently featured on one side of the United States ten-dollar bill, while the U.S. Treasury is featured on the reverse.

1915 oversize 10.00 bill. Dated June 23 1915. Do you know the value. One found in lockbox. Thanks Annie?

in 1915 Federal Reserve Bank Notes (not to be confused with Federal Reserve Notes) were issued by 4 individual Federal Reserve banks. The obverse was similar to the 1914 Federal Reserve notes except for large wording in the middle of the bill and a portrait with no border on the left side of the bil ( Full Answer )

Whose picture is on 100000 bill?

the question is whose picture is on the 100,000 bill and alot of answers have went out to the people that put this up and now i have the answer and it is Woodrow Wilson

Is there a 1934 10.00 dollar bill with a yellow seal?

Yes, such bills exist. They were printed for use in North Africa during WWII. The yellow seals made them easy to declare worthless if they fell into enemy hands. There's more information at the Related Question.

Whose picture is on a million dollar bill?

There never was a $million bill. The highest denomination was $100,000, and only were used from 1934 to 1940, mostly by the US government to pay bills. Other than that few years, the largest currency bill was $10,000. I believe that Woodrow Wilson's picture is on this one. There are still some ar ( Full Answer )

What pictures are on a US 1 dollar bill?

Although there have been color changes and other minormodifications, US $1 bills have had the same images since 1935. The front has the numeral "1" in each corner and a portrait ofPresident George Washington centered in an oval frame. Bills issuedsince 1963 have the seal of the issuing Federal Rese ( Full Answer )

Which president is on a 10.00 dollar bill?

The last president on US $10 bills was Andrew Jackson on Series 1914 Federal Reserve Notes. Since Series 1928, the only person on the US $10 Federal Reserve notes, despite several redesigns, has been Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury.

Whose picture is on a half dollar bill?

US fractional currency (paper money in denominations less than $1)was issued from 1862 to 1876 to make up for a shortage oflow-denomination coins. Fifty-cent bills carried several different images. In order ofissue: . President George Washington . U.S. Treasurer Francis E. Spinner . A stylized ( Full Answer )