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Q: Who Pool disinfectants that are not harmful to the environment?
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What are disinfectants used for?

Disinfectants are a very important way to keep things clean. They work by killing harmful bacteria and germs. Common disinfectants on the market include Clorox and Lysol.

Against which organism are disinfectants effective?

Disinfectants are able to kill bacteria and most pathogens. This bacteria can be harmful toward organisms however disinfectants also sometimes kill good bacteria too.

How is a parrot harmful to the environment?

A parrot is not harmful to the environment.

How are CFC'S harmful for the environment and living beings?

they are not harmful to the environment

Are pool chemicals harmful to little children?

Pool chemicals will be harmful to small children if ingested or if they come in contact with the skin at full strength. However, when used at proper levels in a pool they are not harmful. Pool chemicals in water are not harmful to children. Try to keep children from swallowing too much water though. Pool chemicals not stored correctly would be harmful to children, however!

Is argon harmful to the environment?

Argon is chemically inert. As such it does not have any harmful effect on the environment.

Why is house fires harmful to the environment?

fire is harmful to the environment because it is a kind of gas

What are the harmful effects of CARS to your environment?

The harmful effects of CARS to our environment is the carbon monoxide

Is it harmful for a swimming pool to overflow?

It's not harmful, but definitely not good. Make sure the pool is level before trying to swim.

Is amoeba harmful to the environment?

Some of them are. Kind of like how some people are harmful to the environment and how others are not.

Why is it that genetically modified products harmful to environment?

They're not harmful to the environment. There is no valid research to the contrary.

Are dragonflies harmful to the environment?

no,they are not harmful to the envirment

What disinfectants are harmful to animals?

well wolves can die with shoe polesh it dus kill them. thankx for reading

Is kerosene harmful to the environment?

yes; kerosene is harmful because it pollutes the environment and people might be sick or die and also is harmful for animals too.

What is spot etching stuff in the pool?

Your Ph is probably out of whack it needs to be between pH 7.3 and 7.6 . If you do not have the equipment to test take a sample to your pool shop where they can do the check for you, and if you wish you can get test kits to do it your self. Keeping the pH of your pool correct will stop corrosion of pool equipment and aid in the effectiveness of pool disinfectants.

What is the difference between harmful environment and non-harmful environment?

A harmful environment is one where there is some agent or condition in the environment that may cause impaired health or disease to people, plants or animals or that may damage people, plants, animals, property or other elements of the environment.

What are some activities that are harmful to the environment?

There are some activities that are harmful to environment. These include deforestation, littering etc.

How can you control the harmful effects of human activities to the environment?

how can you control the harmful effects of human ativities to the environment

Are poision frogs harmful to the environment?

Poisonous frogs are not at all harmful to the global environment. The only animals that are harmful to the global environment are humans and those that humans have modified and exploited: most notably, cows.

Are there in a germs in a saltwater pool?

There are always some germs in any swimming pool That is why they have disinfectants in them, Salt water pools have chlorinaters that produce chlorine. chlorine is a powerful oxidant that kill most germs and makes pool water safe to swim in.

How are surface sanitisers different from hand sanitisers?

Lets find out how surface sanitisers are different from hand sanitisers. Usage of disinfectants helps to reduce and kill the harmful germs.

Describe how a virus is harmful to the environment?

A virus can be harmful to the environment by killing off plants or animals that live in the environment. If enough species die or become ill it can affect the balance in the environment.

What does harmful to the environment mean?

Being harmful to the environment means not treating it as nature intended. Such as landfills, factories and even so simple such as not throwing garbage in trash cans. Any action that is contrary to how nature intended is being harmful to the environment.

How old does a baby need to be to get into a pool?

The womb is a liquid-filled environment, so being in a pool is not harmful to a baby of any age. Just remember that babies can't swim and can't hold their breath very long (but they do have the instinct to if their heads go under water), so you always have to watch your baby in a pool to make sure he or she doesn't drown.

Why is deforestation harmful to our environment?

Deforestation is harmful to our environment because forests are habitats for many different species, and if their habitat disappears then so do they.