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Q: Who added minarets Hagia Sophia?
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What happened to the Hagia Sophia after the fall of Constantinople?

Claiming the Hagia Sophia was a major goal of the Ottomans. After conquering Constantinople, Mehmed II (the Ottoman Sultan) had the church converted into a mosque. Christian regalia was thrown out and, over time, traditional mosque features were added, including the four minarets (the tall pillars that are used for the multiple call to prayers each day). Today, the Hagia Sophia functions as a museum.

What are the towers situated at the four corners of the Hagia Sophia called?

They are called Minarets and are used for a call to prayer.

What Features of the Hagia Sophia make it an example of Islamic art?

When the Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque in 1453, the Christian features were removed, and Islamic faetures, like the minbar and mihrab, plus four minarets, were added. Even though the mosque has now been secularized, it still retains its Islamic appearance.

Which feature of Hagia Sophia was not part of the original design?

The Islamic features such as the mihrab, the minbar, and the four minarets outside.

Architectural breakdown on the Hagia Sophia?

The Hagia Sophia is an example of Byzantine Architecture. It features minarets which are slender towers with balconies from which believers are called to daily prayer at the buildings corners. It was formerly a Christian Church that was made into an Islamic mosque. It is in Constantinople, now known as Istanbul Turkey.

When did hagia Sophia die?

Not dead, Hagia Sophia is not a person

Where was the hagia Sophia built?

The Hagia Sophia was originally built during and in the Byzantine Empire. The Hagia Sophia is know located in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is the Hagia Sophia-?

The Hagia Sophia is a monument for the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

What country was the hagia Sophia built?

Hagia Sophia was built in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is the Hagia Sophia made out of?

The Hagia Sophia is made up of Ashlar, brick.

How old is the Hagia Sophia?

The Hagia Sophia is nearly 1500 years old.

Is the hagia Sophia romanesque architecture?

The Hagia Sophia is not romanesque architecture. It is byzantium.

What part of rome was the hagia Sophia built in?

The Hagia Sophia is in Istanbul, not Rome

Did the Visigoths destroy the Hagia Sophia?

The Visigoths indeed destroy the Hagia Sophia

Who was the great patron on the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople?

Justinian was the patron of Hagia Sophia.

What was the purpose of building the hagia Sophia?

The Hagia Sophia was built in Constantinople as its cathedral church.

What was the purpose Hagia Sophia built?

Hagia Sophia was made to show freedom and religion.

How many people live in hagia Sophia?

People did not live in Hagia Sophia, it was a church.

What dose Hagia Sophia mean?

the word "Hagia Sophia" means holy wisdom in Greek.

When was the hagia Sophia built?

The great Hagia Sophia was built in A.D. 532 under Justinian's rule.

What is the use of the Hagia Sophia?

The Hagia Sophia is currently a museum (but was formerly a mosque, and was originally built as a Christian basilica).

How many weeks after the nico riots did constitinebegin construction on the Hagia Sophia?

he didn't Justinian built the Hagia Sophia

What Country is Sophia in?

The Hagia Sophia is located in Turkey.

Were is Hagia Sophia or Saint Sophia?

Hagia sophia is in Istanbul, Turkey. The church of Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) is in Istanbul formally Constantinople, Turkey. It was converted to a Mosque in 1453 and remained one until the end of the Ottoman Empire.

Why is the hagia Sophia a wonder?

it was until 2016 when they renamed the 7 wonders of the world and the Hagia Sophia was excluded from this new list.