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The National Park Service is in charge of the National Parks and many of the monuments, as well as many other historical properties. The National Park Service was established on August 25, 1916.

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Q: Who administers national parks and monuments?
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Who is in charge of the Great Smoky Mountains national park?

The National Parks Service, a federal agency within the Department of the Interior, administers all national parks, monuments, and other sections of the system.

Does Brazil have any national parks or monuments?

Yes Brazil has national parks or monuments...

The national parks and the national monuments are administered and controlled by the?

The national parks and the national monuments are administered and controlled by the Department of the Interior, U.S. government.

What are the national parks historical parks battelfields memorials monuments to historic sites?

the national parks historical parks battelfields memorials monuments are historic sites that are managed and taken care by the US Department of interiors

The national parks and the national monuments are administered and controlled by the what?

National Monumnet Service

Are national parks in urban areas?

Yes, some national parks and monuments are within urban areas.

Are there any national parks or monuments in Florida?

Yes, there are.

What are the national parks or monuments in Georgia?

In Georgia there are no national PARKS. The national monuments include Fort Frederica, Fort Pulaski, and Ocmulgee -- all preserving historic areas. There are also national historic sites and national battlefields.

National parks and national monuments are controlled by?

The US National Parks are run by the National Park Service. US National Monuments, however, are run by either the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management.

What national parks and monuments are in Mississippi?

Vicksburg National Military Park is in Mississippi.

What are some of Arizona's national parks?

There are three national PARKS in Arizona: Grand Canyon, Saguaro, and Petrified Forest. There are also several national monuments and national historic parks.

How many National Parks and Monuments are in the US?

In total there are 401

What did Theodore Roosevelt do for national parks?

He set aside 194 million acres as nature preserves, monuments and national parks.

Are there some monuments or memorials in Texas?

For National Parks and Monuments, see .

Is logging allowed in national parks?

In national parks and monuments, no. In SOME national preserves, but only by special permission. In national forests, yes; but it's regulated.

What has the author David V Harris written?

David V. Harris has written: 'The geologic story of the national parks and monuments' -- subject(s): Geology, National parks and reserves, Natural monuments

What are landmarks in South Carolina?

monuments , national parks , important places

How many national parks does New Mexico have?

New Mexico has one national park -- Carlsbad Caverns -- as well as ten national monuments and two national historical parks.

Is there any national parks in New Mexico?

There are many National Historic Parks, Historic Trails, and National Monuments in New Mexico. The two National Parks, though, are Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and Chaco Culture National Park.

How many national parks does the US have?

At the moment there are 59 national Parks in the US. Together they cover an area of 210.000 square kilometers. The US Goverment disband 7 national parks since 1875, but most of them are integrated in new national parks or national monuments.

What is very enteresting in Utah?

Utah's National Parks, Monuments & State Parks are filled with amazing natural wonders.

How many national parks are there in 2011 for the united states?

As of 2011, there are 58 areas in the US, administered by the National Parks Service and legally designated as national "parks" (as opposed to national monuments, lakeshores, recreational areas, etc).

National parks and monuments in New York?

Bryant park and six flags.

What states have the greatest number of national park and monuments?

Alaska has eight national parks (some are also preserves), three national monuments, and three national preserves not connected with any national park. California has seven national parks (or eight, if you count Sequoia and Kings Canyon as separate), six national monuments, and one national preserve. I'll let you decide which state has the "greatest number."

How many National Parks in Arizona?

There are many National Monuments and Forests as well as four National Parks, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Petrified Forest and Saguaro National Park.