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Forty-two delegates or ask the question"Who signed the Constitution?"

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Q: Who agreed on the Constitution?
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Which queen agreed to the Australian constitution?

Queen Victoria agreed to the Australian constitution.

The form of government the framers of the Constitution agreed to create?

The form of government the framers of the Constitution agreed to create republic

Why did the first four states quickly ratify the Constitution?

They agreed with everything that was written in the constitution

Why many Anti-Federalists finally agreed to the ratification of the US Constitution?

When the Constitution was proposed, there were no provisions in it for protecting the rights of the citizens. When supporters of the Constitution agreed to the addition of the Bill of Rights to the document, most opposition ended.

To win support for ratification of the United states Constitution Federalists agreed to do what?

To win support for ratification of the United States Constitution, Federalists agreed to add a bill of rights to the document.

At the Philadelphia Convention the delegates agreed to?

draft a new constitution

At the Philadelphia convention the delagates agreed to draft a new what?


What did the federalists and Anti-Federalists fight for in forming a new constitution?

the federalists were trying to get the antifederalists with the constitution and the federalists agreed with the constitution and the antifederalists didnt agree with the constitution

What were 7 areas in which the framers of the constitution agreed upon?

What did the framers of the constitution agree/disagree upon at the constitutional convention?

Which part of the Constitution is a list of changes that have been agreed upon after the date the Constitution was originally signed and ratified?


Why did each state have to write a new constitution in the American revolution?

So that every one of the states agreed with the Constitution.

The framers of the Constitution agreed that the president should be elected by the?

body of electors.

The ratification of the constitution was accomplished when?

9 of 13 states agreed to ratify it

What are the two things the delegates agreed they wanted in the Constitution?

peace and freedom

Did people agree with the constitution?

when the constitution first came out, half of the people agreed to it. soon more people grew confident of the constitution and look at us today.

What was the Name of the form of government the framers of the American constitution agreed to create?

A republic

When was the ratification of the constitution accomplished?

At least 9 of the 13 states agreed to ratify it.

Is the 1787 meeting at which the Constitution of the US was debated and agreed upon?

Constitutional Convention

North Carolina agreed to ratify the constitution if what was added to it?

after the civil war all the southern states had to ratify the constitution to be readmitted into the union.

What do these headlines demonstrate about the process of ratifying the Constitution?

Most states eventually agreed on the compromise of ratification with a bill of rights

Delegates to the Philadelphia Convention agreed that?

they should draft a new constitution to replace the Articles

The constitution convention agreed that congress would not interfere with the until 1808?

Slave Trade

In order to win ratification of the US constitution supporters agreed to?

Add a bill of rights.

Which principle included in the US Constitution shows that the framers agreed with Montesquieu?

Seperation of powers

How many delegates agreed to sign the constitution?

55 attend in it but 39 actually signed it