Who among the following wrote a treatise on medicine in ancient India?

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What is some medicine on India?

Ayurveda , the science of life, prevention and longevity is the oldest and most holistic medical system available on the planet today. It was placed in written form over 5,000 years ago in India, it was said to be a world medicine dealing with both body and the spirit. Before the advent of writing, ( Full Answer )

What was the name of ancient Egyptian Medicine?

Ancient Egyptian medicine is some of the oldest recorded. Eachbranch of medicine had its own name, just as they do today. Doctorswere known as 'snwn' and proctologists were called 'neru phuyt.'

What did the Ancient Greeks use as medicine?

The Ancient Greeks had a balanced medical system. They believed that the gods made you ill, but they also believed in more logical medicines is well. The main one is the Theory Of The Four Humours, Phlegm, Black Bile Yellow Bile and Blood. When you became Ill, it meant that one of your four hu ( Full Answer )

What did the ancient egyptians know about medicines?

An aweful lot!! Practically everything apart from germs. They understood about a healthy balanced diet and what foods where bad news. If you broke a bone they would succsessfully mend it for you. Egyptian doctors were very advanced one of the most advanced at their time. The mummies they made proves ( Full Answer )

What is a treatise?

a systematic presentation of facts and principles on a subject and the conclusions reached by the author

What medicine is there in India for the treatment of vitiligo?

There are dozen of different treatments are available for vitiligo. Which treatment option is best for a patients it is depend upon the condition of the disease in particular patients.. The following are the possible treatment options for vitiligo skin disorder. . (1)Home Remedies . (2)Alternate ( Full Answer )

India ayurvedic medicines?

Nirmal Ayur Life is a pharmaceutical company using effective herbs to treat various disorders without any side effect-Ayurvedic medicine & cosmetic in Mumbai.

Can you mail medicine from US to India'?

India does not allow medicine to be mailed from the United States.Customs officials in either country have the right to hold andinspect in package that may contain medicine.

Who wrote I beg to be counted among the crowds?

i wrote this, its a poem called forever, my name is George W Knox, google George W Knox Poetry, and you will find it among many of my poems.. it will feature in my second book, My email address is, georgeknox54@hotmail.com , im curious as to why the question, although i am aware of a few scammers pa ( Full Answer )

Can you send medicine to Mexico from India?

Yes you could. But according to Mexico's Human Development Index (0.854 - high human development) and India's (0.612 - medium human development), the medicine would be of greater use in India itself.

Which ancient Greek wrote The Republic?

Plato wrote the The Repbulic around 380 BCE. It is a Socraticdialogue that discusses the definition of justice, justcity-states, and the just man. It is Plato's best known work andcontinues to be intellectually and historically influential today.

What medicines did the Ancient Japanese make?

Kudzu (or Kuzu) is a leguminous plant that grows wild in the mountains and fields of Japan. A very strong plant, it has vines that wrap around trees and eventually pull the trees down. A snow-white starch is made from the kudzu root and has been used as a food and a medicine by the Japanese since an ( Full Answer )

How is medicine different from medicine in ancient Rome?

In ancient Rome, the medicine was based upon ideas from Galen predominantly, however he was proven wrong in some circumstances e.g: the rete mirable of the brain only exists on pigs not humans and so on. Unlike now, dissection of humans in ancient Rome was banned (due to Church), so therefore all me ( Full Answer )

What did ancient Greeks use for medicine?

The ancient Greeks were advanced in medicine, this is apparent fromthe Hippocratic writings. They used natural herbs and remedies aswell as surgeries to cure people.

Procedures for export of medicines from India?

Following steps to be followed for export of medicine. 1. Register a company. 2. Open a current account. 3. Apply for IE code. 4. Become a member in Pharmaceuticals export promotion council. Now you are eligible for export of medicines from India

How did the ancient Egyptians learn about medicine?

The Egyptians used herbal remedies, surgery, religious spells, amulets, or magic spells to cure the ill. Knowledge was passed down through the generations. There are ancient Egyptian texts that give us a glimpse of their medical procedures and practices. See Sources and related links, further down t ( Full Answer )

Who wrote ancient Greek plays?

People who had the talent. They were originally usually travellingbards who went from city to city composing and singing their works,and varying them to avoid repetition. As these efforts developed with the invention of cursive writinginto set pieces, specialist writers emerged. These were usuallyc ( Full Answer )

Who wrote home among the gum trees?

Bob Brown and Wally Johnson are the authors of the song "Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees". See the related wikipedia entry for details. The popular country singer John Williamson covered this song but was not the original author, as is often believed.

What kinds of medicines do they use in India?

In India they have a form of medicine and treatment called Ayurveda. In this system, people have different constitutions called doshas and are treated accordingly. Lots of focus is placed on nutrition, herbs and lifestyle factors as a means of prevention and treatment.

Who wrote the Treatise on Harmony in 1722?

According to Wikipedia, below: Traité de l'harmonie réduite à ses principes naturels is amusic treatise written by Jean-Philippe Rameau. It was firstpublished in Paris in 1722 by Jean-Baptiste-Christophe Ballard.

Did Ancient Rome have medicine?

Yes, herbal remedies, that were just as effective then as they are now, many Romans were very keen on letting blood too.

Who wrote the book krishisookthi on farming in ancient India?

Krishisookthi was written in very ancient times by kasyapa.The famous book brihat samhita by varahamihira is basically a commentary on this book.This book was written from4 to 5 BC,but no one is certain when krishissokthi was written.

Who wrote ancient greek comedies?

Why ancient Greek comedians of course! buh-dump psh! Actually it is that simple, unless you want names. If so, Aristophanes and Menander are pretty good. However, this is largely pretty mature stuff. Aristophanes wrote a play telling how the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta ended, the ( Full Answer )

Did poor ancient Egyptians get medicine?

It is unlikely that the poor of ancient Egypt had access to effective medicine as we would know it. I think that, as in all societies until the twentieth century, the poor of ancient Egypt would have gone without, simply because they could not pay. Does any one else know?

Who wrote the ancient roman laws?

The original twelve tablets were written by a committee of ten. Subsequent laws were usually named after the man who proposed them, such as the Lex Hortensia, or Lex Julia. As far as the actual wording or content of the laws, well , that was hashed out by senatorial debate.

How are ancient plants used as medicine?

The ancient use of plants include, but are not exclusive to: tinctures, poultices, infusions, salves, creams, liniments, and teas.

Can you get medicine from India to Dubai?

Officially you are allowed to bring in the medicine for self use or someone's use along with prescription. However, you cannot import medicines it unless you are properly licensed for it.

Are the ancient Egyptians were skilled at medicine?

Well, not really cause they don't have the medicines we do today. When someone was sick or dying they prayed to the various gods like the protector of their gender, female or male, or children. To help that person to get better. Sometimes but rarely they made it, most of them did not.

Who in ancient India?

Ancient India is one of the first civilisations, inhabited by the old Indo-Aryan ethnic group.

Did the ancient Greeks discover medicine?

Medicine in the form of folk remedies has been around almost as long as there have been people. Much of medicine was also bound up with superstition and religion. Ancient China, India, Babylonia, and other cultures also made strides in medicine. If Greek medicine was different, it was because the Gr ( Full Answer )

Why medicine was important to ancient Rome?

Medicine was important and still is important to all human societies because people want treatment for illnesses. The Romans adopted Greek medicine.

Among the following the deepest sea is?

Among the following: The Caribbean Sea, The South China Sea and TheMediterranean Sea the deepest sea is the Caribbean Sea. It has adepth of 6,946 meters/22,788 ft.

What medicines did the Ancient Rome have?

Medicine in ancient Rome was predictablyderived from their knowledge of prevailing Greek practice, andmostly herbal. The remedies derived from fennel, rhubarb, gentian,birthwort, licorice and aloe were used for remedying everythingfrom gastrointestinal conditions to childbirth and skin and jointcond ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the ancient Hindu law?

Hinduism is very ancient, more old than you think. Possibilitiesare Hinduism is more than 10000 years old, so it is a popularbelief that no man wrote the laws but God himself.