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Jeremiah, sometimes called the weeping prophet, was surrounded by a nation ripe for judgment. The apostate nation of Israel had refused repeatedly to heed the warnings of this man of God, like others before him. He foresaw the results of their sin and continuing rebellion against their God. Jeremiah himself was falsely accused of treason and thrown into a muddy dungeon. He also had a scroll of prophecy burnt by the king.

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Is Jeremiah an important prophet?

Yes Jeremiah is a very important prophet, a major prophet.

Was Jeremiah a profit?

Jeremiah was a major prophet in the old testament , and is often called the weeping prophet.

Why is Lamentations considered a major prophet when it is so short?

Because the human author was Jeremiah, who wrote the book of Jeremiah and is a major prophet.

Why is Lamentations named as a major prophet of the old testament?

Lamentations is not named as a major prophet, it was probably written by Jeremiah, who was a major prophet.

Who are the five major prophets?

Prophet Jeremiah, Prophet Elijah, Prophet Nehemiah, Prophet Joel, Prophet Isaiah.

Who was jereimiah?

Jeremiah is a major prophet in the old testament, often called the weeping prophet.

What are the five major prophet books of the Bible?

the 5 major prophet books of the bible are isaiah,jeremiah,lamentations,ezekiel and daniel.

Who is the major prophet of the christen people?

The major prophets are Isaiah , deaniel, Samuel, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

Who are the two prophets of Bible?

The prophet Isaiah and Jeremiah are two major prophets.

What book of the bible is named for a major prophet thrown into muddy cistern?


Who are the 4 major prophet?

Actually there are six major prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel.

How mine major prophet in the bible?

There are 5 major prophets in the bible, they were Isaiah , Jeremiah, Daniel, Samuel, Ezekiel.

Who are the major prophets in the bible?

Isaiah, Jeremiah, and EzekielAdditionallyThe Greek Septuagint and Christian scripture include Daniel as a Major Prophet.

Names of major prophets in bible?

The major prophets in the bible are Isaiah, Daniel, Samuel, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Note that Samuel is not considered a "major prophet" by most scholars and Daniel is not part of the Major Prophet books in the Hebrew Bible.

Which prophets are not major Hosea Ezekiel Isiah or Jeremiah?

Of the lot of prophets mentioned Hosea is a minor prophet.

Are the major prophets Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel and Joel?

The major prophets are regarded as Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel. Joel is classed as a minor prophet. Lamentations is regarded along with the above as one of the major prophetic books.

What is a mojor Prophet?

I believe you mean a major prophet. Whether a prophet is "major" or "minor" has to deal with the amount of writing they produced. Major prophets (like Isaiah or Jeremiah) wrote a lot, whereas minor prophets (like Baruch and others) wrote very little. It has nothing to do with how much work or how much good the prophet did.

What is the meaning of jeremia?

Tha name Jeremiah means "God exalts." It comes from Hebrew. Jeremiah was a major Old Testament prophet, and is credited with four books thereof: the Book of Jeremiah, Kings 1 and 2, and Lamentations.

How can a prophet be determined if major or minor?

Major Prophets have more chapters in the books of inspired, canonical sacred Scripture that bear their respective names. Each Minor Prophet has fewer chapters in his book that any Major Prophet has. Isaiah, for example, was a Major Prophet, whereas Micah was a Minor Prophet. The Major Prophets were Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel; the other twelve were Minor Prophets. (Daniel, Baruch, and Lamentations fit in neither category.)

What are the names of the major prophets?

The major prophets were Jeremiah, Samuel*, Isaiah, Daniel*, Ezekiel, Nehemiah and Ezra.AdditionallyNote that Samuel is not considered a "major prophet" by the strict definition most scholars use and Daniel is not part of the Major Prophet books in the Hebrew Bible.

What are the major prophets of the bible?

A major prophet is a book in the Major Prophetssection of the Christian Old Testament in the Bible which is the following 5 books:IsaiahJeremiahLamentationsEzekielDanielAlso note that the book of Daniel is not considered a major prophet book in the Hebrew Bible.

Was Nehemiah a major or minor prophet?

Minor. The major prophets are Isaiah and Jeremiah. The others are considered the minor prophets. This is not a measure of their importance. The books of the two major prophets are much longer.

Why is Jeremiah called a prophet of doom?

Because one of the major themes of his prophecies was the upcoming destruction of the First Temple and the exile of the Jews. See also:More about JeremiahMore about the Israelite prophetsMore about the Destruction

Which major prophet wrote two books?

A:The Books of Jeremiah and Lamentations are both traditionally ascribed to Jeremiah, but the actual authorship of Lamentations can not be established. Similar style and language are common to several of the prophet's contemporaries, and the viewpoint expressed in Lamentations is most unlike his pronouncements in Jeremiah.

What is the longest book written about a major prophet?

The book of Jeremiah is the longest in the numbers of written words and book of Isaiah is the longest with respect to the number of chapters.

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