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Who answers the questions on Wikianswer?


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2011-05-08 15:18:49
2011-05-08 15:18:49

its not just one person that answers the questions, any member of wikianswers can answer them if they know the answer.

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Those of us amswering questions do our best but, the truth is, not only do we not know all the answers, we don't even know all the questions.

Because wikianswer is here to help with your problems that need helped with that you cant find any where else and where the ones to give it to you. And because if people have questions that need answers instead of searching all over Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc, they come to this site for an easier way to find answers to their questions.

In order to edit, you need to be signed in and have a (totally free) account - otherwise, you can't edit the questions or answers.

It can. Many people on WikiAnswers answer math questions.

reginae does she answer some of the questions

Just wikianswer most of the questions here or on yahooanswers or googleanswers and guaranteed more than 90% of them have already been asked and/or answered

Wikianswer are used and improved by the public so most of the answers are correct.

Lots of contributers and guests do!

You cannot answer questions on WikiAnswers from an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch does not have the capabilities to answer questions.

WikiAnswers' aim is to create a database full of questions and their corresponding (correct) answers. This means that all questions - no matter how simple they may be - deserve an answer. We will try our best to answer such questions correctly.

Everyone has something to share! Why not answer WikiAnswer questions?

As a rule, no. The simple act of being a supervisor does not make someone notable enough to have a question asked about them. Some supervisors include their username in questions that they use to more effectively organize questions on the site. This is allowed. Check the answers to such questions to see if they are such a question.

Why not - anyone is welcome to contribute - no matter who they are.

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It is a simpler version of a search engine. It helps narrow down your question so you are not stuck with a list of websites to choose from. It's main purpose is to let people get their questions anwsered. So it is here to allow questions to be asked and anwsered by the wiki answers community.

All standard Wikianswer rules apply to the topic. Usually, all new answers will be reviewed to make sure they are acceptable. Because there are many supervisors for this category, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to message us. Please refrain from using links in your answer unless you really NEED to. All answers with unnecessary links will be deleted. Have fun and be honest, all contributions help the community.

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