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America has formal diplomatic relations with most nations. The current stand-out countries who are vocally supporting America's actions in September 2013 are United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Israel, and Turkey.

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Q: Who are America's Allies currently?
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How did Americas allies help in World War 1?

Americas allies did most of the fighting, do your research and stop asking broad questions

Who are Frances Allies?

France is currently allies with the UK, US, Australia, and Germany

Who are currently allies and enemies of the Philippines?

the schmucks of the world

What two nations where Americas best allies during world war 2?

With WW2 it was allies vs axis. And everyone on th allies side were well allies. But the the 3 strongest allies were soviet union, America, and probably uk.

How did Americas effect the war?

they helped allies and the war ended sooner when they came.

Who are Americas enemies currently?


Who are FYRMacedonia's allies currently?

Turkey, Ukraine, Russia

Who are currently the allies and enemies of Malta?

england isreal

What countries are currently Honduras' allies and enemies?

Allies: The United States Enemies: El Salvador

What countries are currently Guatemala's allies and enemies?

Mexico, the US, and El Salvador are among some of Guatemala's allies.

Who are Italy's allies?

Itally is currently part of the NATO alliance

Who are currently the allies and enemies of Sweden?

I think north korea

Is the US at war with Japan?

No, currently the US and Japan are allies.

Who were Americas allies in war world 1?

The Triple Entente which consisted of Britain, France & Russia

What was a result of the French Indian War?

The French and their allies lost. The French troops withdrew from the Americas.

Who is Americas better allies Germany or Japan?

japan because there stronger and like usa more.

Who were Americas main allies in World War 2?

Great Britain, France, Soviet Union.

Which land locked country is currently the holder of the Americas Cup?


Who are Americas allys?

Some of Americaâ??s top allies are the countries of Canada, Mexico, France, and Germany. Other allies include Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Who Are Malta's Allies Currently?

Britain and Italy are the biggest ones, I beleive.

When and why did France negotiate a treaty with America during the Revolutionary War?

the frech became Americas allies in 1778

What countries are currently Italy's allies and enemies?

Allies: Spain, Germany, U.S.A, Great Britain and Argentina Enemies: China, Pakistan and Southafrica

Who are currently the allies and enemies with the United States of America?

Suresh is a fatty bomb

Who are currently the allies and enemies of Syria?

It's revolution against the dictatorship regime.

Who are currently the allies and enemies of north Korea?

Kim Jong Un has a bad haircut.