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Goldman Sachs $474,428 Ubs Ag $298,180 JP Morgan Chase & Co $282,387 Lehman Brothers $274,147 National Amusements Inc $265,750 Sidley Austin LLP $251,657 Citigroup Inc $247,436 University of California $239,944 Skadden, Arps et al $228,520 Exelon Corp $226,661 Harvard University $225,891 Jones Day $213,825 Google Inc $192,808 Time Warner $190,091 Morgan Stanley $190,026 Citadel Investment Group $173,950 Kirkland & Ellis $163,126 Latham & Watkins $160,842 WilmerHale LLP $155,788 Jenner & Block $151,447

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Obama does have many financial backers. Some of them include Fred Eychaner, James Simons, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Irwin Jacobs, and Jon Stryker.

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well it depends; on what type u are

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Q: Who are Barack Obama's biggest campaign donors?
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Koch brothers

Who are Mitt Romney biggest campaign donors?

Koch brothers

Which is the Maine source of campaign funds?

Private donors

Will Hillary Clinton pull through and accomplish her promises?

Only the ones she made to her campaign donors.

What are the private sources of funding a campaign?

Private sources of campaign finance include any group who is not affiliated with a branch or agency of the government itself. This includes diverse actors such as individuals, corporations, non-profit organisations, lobbying groups, and others.

What was being housed in the Watergate hotel that was of particular interest to the committee to re-elect Richard Nixon?

Democratic campaign headquarters were housed in the Watergate. I think CREP was interested in names of donors and prospective donors, as well as anything else they might find.

What is Obamas opinion for taxes?

Obama believes taxes are GOOD, & the more, the better. More to spend lavishly by crony capitalism with his donors & bundlers. Like Solyndra & Barry Rand, CEO of AARP, whom Obama helped get his job.

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What is a good link to see Barack Obama announcing his bid for reelection in April 2011?

Senior Democrats said that Mr Obama will announce his candidacy in a text or email message with a video announcing his intention to seek a second term.At the same time, his campaign team will file papers with the Federal Election Commission. The exact timing depends on spending negotiations on Capitol Hill that have to be resolved this week to prevent a government shutdown.Mr Obama is making his announcement earlier than is typical for a sitting president so he can get ahead in the race to raise money for a campaign that is likely to shatter all records Although he emphasised small donors in his 2008 campaign, this time around he is asking campaign "bundlers" to raise $350,000 (£217,000) each by leaning on friends and colleagues. Campaign finance laws limit gifts to $2,500 per donor.Mr Obama's campaign team wants the bundlers will raise $500 million (£310 million), leaving the campaign to raise another $500 million from smaller donors to build up a $1 billion war chest. During his 2008 election campaign, Mr Obama managed to raise $750 million.The president is due to hold his first re-election fund-raiser in Chicago on April 14 and has already telephoned top donors to enlist their support. Joe Biden, the vice-president, is to meet key supporters in New Hampshire on Monday, where the first primary will be held.

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Which party raises millions of dollars for its candidate?

A successful one. Barak Obama raised millions by accessing his donors on the internet. Those donors were not the ones that gave thousands of dollars, but those thousands who gave just a few dollars. For the first time, "Jane the student" was able to participate in a meaningful way, to a Presidential Campaign.