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Barack Obama has no full siblings. He has eight half-siblings -- seven of them living -- by four other marriages or relationships of his parents.

He has a half-sister (who was born in Indonesia but now lives in Hawaii) from his mother's second marriage, named Maya Soetoro-Ng that he keeps up with.

Obama has half-siblings from his father's first and third marriages in Africa .

Malik Obama (half-brother ) (b 1958)

Auma Obama (half-sister b 1960)

Abo Obama (maybe adopted half-brother b 1968)

Bernard Obama (maybe adopted half-brother b 1970)

Mark Ndesandjo ) half-brother by father's third wife b c.1965

David Ndesandjo (1967-1987) half-brother by father's third wife,

George Hussein Onyango Obama ( illegitimate half-brother, b c 1982)

More details:

His father, Barack Obama Sr., had four children by a woman he married in Kenya before his 1960 marriage to Obama's mother in Hawaii. Two of those children -- son Abongo (Roy) and daughter Auma -- were born before President Barack Obama, II.

After Barack Obama, Sr. divorced President Obama's mother in 1963, he married another American woman he took to Kenya and had two more sons -- Mark and David, who was killed in a motorcycle accident. That marriage ended in a divorce, after Barack Obama, Sr. resumed his relationship with his first wife.

President Obama's father had two other sons -- Abo and Bernard -- by his first wife, though the President wrote in his memoirs that there is some question whether another man actually fathered Bernard.

Obama, Sr. later had another son, George, by a woman he was involved with but apparently did not marry.

As for Obama's mother, the former Stanley Ann Dunham, she had a daughter, Maya Soetoro-Ng, from a second marriage to Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro.

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Q: Who are Barack Obama's siblings?
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