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Tristan Reed, grade 6, I'm not sure of the rest


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chad reeds vavorite color is blue. -- Emma Castelli

Her name is Ellie Reed.

2008 AMA Supercross Points for Chad Reed 365

His dad name is mark and his mum name is robin

Australia like he is. They were dating before he started racing worldwide.

HEY WAZZ UP MAN!!......or woman............ o.O

Plants in Chad are acacias, baobab, desert date, palms, African myrrh, Indian jujube, reeds, papyrus, ambatch and water lilies.

Chad Reed's current 2011-2012 number is 22. He started his own team called "Two Two Motorsports" after his favorite number, 22.

somewhere in greensboroe North Carolina on some st. down the st. from my cousins lol! but so true

Yes they do have reeds

Yes, they do . . . their reeds aren't terribly different from clarinet reeds.

You can get flavored reeds at

I left my spare reeds at home. These reeds are used for musical instruments by the natives.

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There are no reeds inside a flute.

get papyrus reeds out of the marsh, then lay the reeds in two layers, next your gonna cut the reeds, last you have to press the reeds together

One place you can get clarinet reeds is The Music Stop. They sell Rico and Vandoren reeds.

I suspect you are referring to single reeds (clarinet and sax) and double reeds (oboe and bassoon).

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Clarinet reeds come from cane.

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

There are 118 reeds on a dime.

None. Whistles do not have reeds.

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