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Who are Germany's allies today?

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Germany is a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), of which there are 26 member countries from North America and Europe.

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Who were Germanys allies in WW1?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

Germanys allies in World War 1?

Germany was in an alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy.

Who were Germanys allies?

It started out being Italy, Japan, and Russia (USSR). However, Russia (USSR) switched sides after Hitler screwed him over. Thus, leaving Germany's Allies being Italy and Japan.

How did American entry into world war 1 affect germanys strategy?

They believed they needed to crush the allies before american troops arrived

How did Germanys allies treat Jews in their Countries?

Same way. They turned them over to the Germans, exported them to camps, and allowed the SS to arrest them. Anything the Nazi wanted they gave.

Why did Germanys economy collapse in 1923?

the value of germanys currency dropped and inflation soared

Who are North Korea's Allies and Enemies today?


What role did geography play in germanys war plans?

What role did geography play in germanys war plans?

What was the effect of the allies being unable to ship war supplies to Russia ports during world war 1?

Russia had to depend on themselves to stop germanys expansion since there ports were unavailable

What are germanys products?


What two countries halted Germany's advance in Russia?

Well, I suppose this could be construed as being Germanys allies Russia and Italy, who were holding the flank whilst the Germans were bogged down in Stalingrad. When the Russians launched their counter offensive, their lines disintegrated. As such the Russians then outflanked Stalingrad, and the rest is history. Italy and Rumania were a contributory factor in Germanys ultimate defeat

Outline the alliances formed in the First World War compared to the World War 2?

Britain, France, Russia & the US are common to the Allies in both WW1 & WW2. They are opposed by Germany in both wars. In WW1 Italy & Japan were both on the side of the Allies, in WW2 they were on Germanys' side. Turkey was on the side of Germany in WW1 & Neutral in WW2. Austria/Hungary was on the side of Germany in WW1 & were also on Germanys' side in WW2, (although it might be said by force rather than choice.) although they were then 2 separate countries.

What is Germanys animal?

German Sheperd

What is Germanys official currency?


What are Germanys icons?

the flag has an eagle on it

What is the plural of two Germany?


What is germanys language called?


Who are the allies to the us today?

united kingdom russia china and france

Who are Russian's allies today 2010?

China, Timbuktoo, India, Vietnam.

Who are Brazil's allies today?

me and USA^^^ People are SO dumb... smh.

Who are Americas allies today?

As of today we got (major allies: UK, France , germany, Taiwan, japan , south Korea , Russia (for the most part), Australia, Canada and pretty much all of western Europe.

Germanys highest mountain?

Mt. Zugspitze

Germanys most popular foods?


What is Germanys area and rank?

What is the area of Germany

Who was germanys secret police?

They Were known as the Stasi