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Who are Israel's allies and enemies?

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Israel's single most reliable ally is the US. It has had throughout the years different allies (such as France, Turkey) but has been in recent years isolated over see its policy in Gaza and what many in the world consider unjustifiable use of force.

As to enemies, the situation is quite complex. Israel has been, since it was born in 1948, locked in a battle for land with Arab nations, which opposed the creation of the Jewish state, and most importantly the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians, many of whom live in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, seek to return to lands they evacuated in 1948, bring back all the refugees to what they deem the land of Palestine and establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capitol. They are not satisfied with freedom to manage their lives in the areas they live in now.

Israel regards these claims as unreasonable and unworkable for many reasons. Until a solution is found, some Palestinians feel the only way to make progress and force Israel's hand is by violence. Many also resent Israel's occupation and what they see heavy handedness in enforcing security to its people. The result is continued violence that feeds itself, with both sides self-justifying.

But Israel's fiercest enemies are radical Islamists in different Muslim countries. They use Israel's existence and the Palestinian cause as a lightening rod, to advance the cause of fundamentalism in their own countries.

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