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Q: Who are Keith Urban's ancestors?
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What is Keith urbans full name?

Keith Lionel Urban

Who is Keith Urbans wife?

Nicole Kidman.

What is Keith Urbans favorite color?


What is Keith urbans official website?


How old is Keith urbans daughter?

he doesn't have a daughter

What is Keith urbans nickname?

Well I call him Keithy :)

When is Keith Urbans birthday?

Keith Urban was born on October 26, 1967

Who is Keith Urbans biggest musical influence?

Mark Knopfler

How is Keith urban wife?

Keith Urbans wife is Nicole Kidman , and they have a 4 year old daughter named Sunday Rose .

What is Keith urbans latest song?

Til' Summer Comes Around

What are the names of Keith urbans children?

Sunday Rose and Faith Margret

What is Keith Urbans favorite car?

2002 Blue Chevrolet TrailBlazer LTZ...

What is Keiths urbans number?

Keith Urban doesn`t have a number to give out to you. Sorry

What is the melody in Keith urbans music?

Keith Urban has wrote most of his beautiful love songs for his wife Nicole Kidman

What was Keith Urbans set list for Calgary sept 18th 2007?


Opening act for Keith Urban concert Seattle's Key Arena Sept 15 2007?

The Wreckers are opening for Keith Urbans 2007 tour!

What has the author Keith Garebian written?

Keith Garebian has written: 'Reservoir of ancestors'

Keith urbans band members?

Bass: Jerry Flowers (has been with Keith in 2 different recording bands now). Rythym Guitar: Chris Rodriguez. Drums: Chris DeHugh. not sure on others. There have been a few changes over last 5-6 years.

What is some of Keith urbans songs?

Days Go By, Kiss a Girl, Sweet Thing, Only you Can Love Me This Way, Tonight I want to Cry, God's been good to Me, These are the Days, You'll Think of me...

What is urbans oppisite?


Was a result of the industrial revolution?

It was the concentration of workers in urbans areas.

What was a result of the industrial revolution?

It was the concentration of workers in urbans areas.

What was a major result of the Industrial Revolution?

It was the concentration of workers in urbans areas.

Where do Brazil's poorest people live?

North and Northeast Sub-urbans neighbors

What was the result of blacks moving to urbans areas during and after the war?

i don't know, but don't be racist