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Who are Sikhs and what is Sikhism?


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Sikh means 'learner' and people who are learn and follow the teachings of "Guru Granth Sahib" (holy book of Sikh religion) are Sikhs. Sikhism is a religion founded by Guru Nanak in the fifteenth century A.D. in India. Sikhs constitute about 2-2.5% of India's population.


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Sikhs are the followers of Sikhism.

Sikhs believe in Sikhism.

Sikhs are the followers of Sikhism.

Sikhism is a religion started by Guru Nanak. The followers of Sikhism are called Sikhs. This means "disciple".

The followers of Sikhism are called Sikhs.

Sikhs, But everyone one can follow sikhism

No. Sikhs and Muslims are both followers of different religions (Sikhs follow Sikhism, Muslims follow Islam.) Sikhism is a completely different religion from Islam.

Sikhism is a religion.

It is not sacred to the Sikhs. You are mixing up Sikhism with Hinduism.

The Khanda is the symbol of the Sikhs.

Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs

they are called sikhs.

Surinder Singh has written: 'Introduction to Sikhism and great Sikhs of the world' -- subject(s): Sikhism, Biography, Sikhs

The followers of Sikhism are called Sikhs. Translated, it means 'learner.'

Sikhs are the followers of the religion Sikhism. Just like a Christian is a follower of Christianity.

Most countries have Sikhs in them

No, but Sikhs have a temple called the Gurdwara.

Sikhs don't do anything for Christmas. This is not at all related to Sikhism. Sikhism rules, conventions, opinions etc. are quite different. Christmas is celebrated by Christians.

Sikhism is a religion, not a language. Sikhs say goodbye in whatever language they speak.

Sikhism is monotheistic. Sikhs only believe in one God acknowledged as 'Waheguru'.

There is no leader of Sikhism currently. But Sikhs call their leaders "Guru". The first Guru who formed Sikhism was called Guru Nanak

The 'special building' for Sikhs is a 'Gurudwara' (Guru's house.) It is the temple when Sikhs prey.

Guru Nanak founded Sikhism

Gurdwara is the place of worship for Sikhs.

The Gurdwara is the place of worship for Sikhs (Sikhism)

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