Who are Spider-Man's foes?

Spider-Man has an entire full rouge gallery. It would be impossible to name them all. However, Spider-Man's arch-enemies would include Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Kingpin.

Here is 20 of his greatest supervillians!


Not just a Spider-Man foe! A Sandman foe as well! He's basically Sandman except instead instead of sand he's water. And he got more well known since the animated series put him in the spotlight instead of Sandman.


Nicknamed the Living Vampire! He started the vampire era in the Marvel universe! He has been a dangerous Spider-Man villain at first. He's super strong and he has lust for blood and Spider-Man has been his target now and then.


A master of camouflage and Spider-Man's original villain. He has also fooled other people that Spider-Man was bad.


Shocker has been close to defeating Spider-Man now and then. But sometimes an easy villain to Spider-Man as well. He is well known for his good looking yellow suit that gives him his power!


One of Spider-Man's strongest foes. But also one of his dumbest. This guy could even Hulk a run for his money. Almost!


This guy likes to play with Spider-Man's mind! He's a master illisionist with special effects.


One of the greatest hunters in the Marvel universe. His goal was to catch Spider-Man and he finally succeeded at one point.


Made to take place of Spider-Man as a superhero. But then turned to crime and has a hatred over Spider-Man. So making him a deadly villain!


A pretty bad Spidey villain! He killed Aunt May's fiance and even stole Spider-Man's youth for a time.


A dangerous and creepy looking villain. This guy freakin cloned Spider-Man and also fooled him to think he wasn't Spider-Man.


Probably more well known as a Daredevil villain but originally a Spider-Man villain. He has done some damage to Spider-Man. Like almost killing Aunt May!


Spider-Man's strongest and most supernatural villain. He's also the newest. He almost killed Spider-Man more than once even gouging his eye out!


A very dangerous Spider-Man villain with a dangerous power. You can't even touch him without being electrocuted.


A cunning and deadly Spider-Man foe! Almost just as dangerous and even more creepier looking than Green Goblin.

The Lizard

Not only dangerous for his hatred of humanity. But when Dr. Connors (alter ego of Lizard) is not the Lizard he is a good friend that Spider-Man can't harm!


You can't even harm this guy by one punch! But he can harm you by shaping his arm to a hammer. Sandman has been a foe of Spider-Man for quite a while.


Spider-Man's darkest and deadliest villain. He's nothing but pure evil and doesn't care who he hurts or kills.

Doctor Octopus

One of Spider-Man's oldest and most fought arch nemesis. Doctor Octopus have been around. Doctor Octopus has been the leader of the Sinister Six, (Spider-Man's most deadly and famous villain group) engaged to Aunt May, to even almost even killing Spider-Man. He keeps getting more and more sinister every time they meet.


A very dangerous Spider-Man villain and the most popular. Although some consider him an anti- hero. He has the same power as Spider-Man and then some. Spider-Man can't sense him with his Spider Senses. Venom's main goal was to ruin Spider-Man's life. Good thing he hasn't done it yet but he has came close.

Green Goblin

If there is one who came close to ruin Spider-Man's life it is the Green Goblin. He has killed Spider-Man's girlfriend, Gwen Stacey and was even involved in the clone saga! He also was a leader in the Sinister Twelve and even possesed his best friend ( Harry Osborn [ Green Goblin II]) against Spider-Man!

A list of other villians that are more minor!

Burglar (Without him there wouldn't be a Spider-Man!)


The Enforcers

Dr. Doom(Mosty a Fantastic Four villain but he's been around!)

Kaine(1st clone of Spider-Man and most dangerous!)




Spenser & Alistaire Smythe & their Spider-Slayers! (They really have bugged Spider-Man for a long time!)

Jack 'O' Lantern


Will 'O' Wisp

Calypso (Kraven's lover!)

Tarantula( I and II)

Hobgoblin II

Demogoblin (An Hobgoblin possesed by a demon!!!!)

Green Goblin II (He's kind of a big deal as well! Mostly because he's because he's Spider-Man's best friend. He's called New Goblin in the movie of course! )

Kraven II


Puma ( Not really a foe anymore! He has respect over Spider-Man!)


The Rocket Racer (Actaully he turned into a friend at the end but he was an enemy!)



Carrion (1, 2 and 3)

Also he's not a villain but one of the deadliest foes!

J. Jonah Jameson (He is proof pen is mightier than the sword! He hates Spider-Man just as much as villians do! And do anything to harm him.)