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Who are Tupac Shakur's relatives?

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black panthers and fellow rappers mopreme and kadif

2008-02-24 18:44:27
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Q: Who are Tupac Shakur's relatives?
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What is Tupac amaru shakurs sons name?

Tupac never had any children

Where is tupac shakurs grave?

He wasn't buried, he was cremated.

What is Tupac Shakurs latest album?

Dear mama

What is tupac shakurs birth name?

Lesane Parish Crooks which was changed to Tupac Amaru Shakur

When was tupac shakurs born?

He was born on the 16th of June, 1971.

What was tupac shakurs talents?

rapping, poetry, inspiring thought

When was tupac shakurs last song?

His last song? he's still got music that ain't even been released yet..... Rest In Peace Tupac Amaru Shakur....

Why is there no motion picture for Tupac Shakur like Malcolm X playing by Denzel Washington and directed by spike lee?

Antoine Fuqua is supposed to make a motion picture based on Tupac Shakurs biography.

What was tupac shakurs best known poem?

A Tear In Cupids Eye "The day you chose to leave me it rained constantly outside, and in truth i swore the rain to be the tears in cupids eyes"

What is the name of the song that goes 'now Baby don't cry'?

one of tupac shakurs songs goes like that "now baby dont cry u gotta keep ur head up"

Did anyone get arrested for tupak shakurs death?

No we don't know who shot him

Does tupac have an autobiography?

tupac had it...

Was Tupac Jewish?

No. Tupac was not Jewish.

Biggie Smalls or Tupac?


How many pacs could tupac pac if tupac could pack packs?

Easy. If a tupac could pac pacs, a tupac would pack as many pacs as a tupac can pack.

Did tupac had kids?

No, Tupac did not have any kids.

How do you kno tupac is not dead?

tupac is not dead

Does tupac have a child?

no tupac did not have any children

Was Tupac hiding in Columbia?

no tupac is dead

Where can tupac be?

Absolutely no where because Tupac is not alive

Is it Tupac or tupac?

Either or, doesn't matter

Are Tupac and Biggie dead?

biggie is but tupac is not

Where is Tupac now in 2008?

tupac is in Mexico tupac is in Mexico with his homees no hes not hes dead

Why do people call tupac tupac?

Because his real name is Tupac Shakur but his stage name is 2pac

Was Tupac Shakur married?

Keisha Morris-ShakurShe married Tupac when he was in prison. She first met Tupac in June 1994. Tupac asked her to marry him three months after they had started dating. They married while Tupac was in prison. Tupac said he wanted to move to Arizona and name a daughter Star or a son Michelangelo. They separated after Tupac got released from prisonno, he messed with many girls.Nikkole2011; Tupac was a great guy and i belive he is alive he is my hero TUPAC LIVES