Who are Unity and devision?

UNiTY & DEViSiON are a punk/folk/rock/ska four-piece from south east London and have been going strong since 2003

"We're a band of people whose mission is not to divide- we are here to unite and devise a plan to help bring people together, with the force of positive attitudes, to get rid of self-loathing and encourage unity. We believe that music has the power to change people's lives- it has done so for us, in so many ways! This is why we spell our band name UNITY & DEVISION with an 'e' and not an 'i'- it's about less of the 'i' society, and more of the WE with an 'e'.

U&D have received great feedback -in their myspace comments section- from Del Palmer (musician/producer, KATE BUSH) and The NEW YORK-freakin' DOLLS!

U&D have built up a following of loyal fans while gigging hard across London and the UK, as well as performing at many festivals over the summer of 2009 including GLASTONBURY (SEVEN gigs!), and in 2008: SECRET GARDEN PARTY, STOKEFEST, BIG GREEN GATHERING Shareholders' Camp, SMALL WORLD, BONKERSFEST, HOPE Weekender and CARSHALTON ENVIRONMENTAL FAIR as well live interviews and performances on-air including the BBC.