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this is a MASSIVE mean for the ENGLAND squad only right?GoalkeepersPaul Robinson (spurs), David James (man city), chris kirkland (Liverpool)DefendersAshley Cole (arsenal), Matthew Upson (Birmingham), Wayne bridge, john terry (Chelsea), Jamie Carragher (Liverpool), Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville (Manchester United)MidfieldersPhil Neville (Manchester United), Jermaine Jenas, Nicky Butt (Newcastle United), David Beckham (Real Madrid), Owen Hargreaves (bayern munich), Joe Cole, Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Shawn Wright-Phillips (Man City)StrikersWayne Rooney, Alan Smith (Manchester United), Michael Owen (real Madrid), Jermain Defoe (spurs)

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Q: Who are all of the current English soccer players?
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