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Use the related link to find a list of all the US Senators with pictures.

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How many US Senators are there in Oregon?

All states have two US Senators.

How many US senators does Illinois have?

Illinois has 2 senators, all US states have two senators.

Who are the current US Senators?

There is a list of all current US Senators at the related link below.

How many US Senators does all the states combined have?

Each of the 50 states has two senators for a total of 100 US Senators.

How many us senators in Arizona?

All States in the United States have 2 senators, therefore Arizona has two US Senators

How many senators are there in Oregon?

All states have 2 US Senators.

How many senators does geogia have?

Georgia has 2 senators All US states have 2 senators

What in the US includes all US senators and representatives?

A Joint Session of the U.S. Congress includes all U.S. senators and representatives.

Does Illinois have more us senators than Hawaii?

No. All states have exactly two US Senators.

Does Alaska have two senators?

Yes, Alaska has two senators. All US states each have two senators.

How many US Senators does Rhode Island have?

All states have just two Senators.

How many US senators does Idaho have?

All US states have 2 senators in the US Congress. In Idaho, the state senate has 35 members.

Who are my state's US senators?

To find your state's senators, go to the related US Senate site below, which lists the senators from all 50 states and has contact information for them.

How many US senators and representatives does Ohio have?

All states have 2 Senators. Ohio has 16 seats in the US House of Representatives.

How many us senators does pa have?

All states have 2 Senators. Robert Casey & Arlen Specter are the current Senators from Pennsylvania

How many US state senators are in Maryland?

There are 47 members of the Maryland Senate and like all of the US States, Maryland also has two US Senators.

How many US Senators and Representatives does Arizona have?

As of 2013, Arizona has 2 senators (like all states) and 9 representatives in the US House.

Are there 100 US senators in the US?

Yes, there are 100 US Senators

Does California have more or less senators than Wyoming?

All states have the same number of US Senators (2), so California and Wyoming have the same number of US Senators.However, California has 40 state senators while Wyoming has 30 state senators so California has more state senators than Wyoming.

How many senators are there from Washington State?

Two. All states have two. The State has two US Senators and the state legislature has 49 State Senators.

Do each of the 50 states in the US have 2 senators?

Yes, each of them has two U. S. Senators. All 50 of them have 100 U. S. Senators.

Who are your US congressmen and senators?

it all depends upon where you live your AKA your address. and senators depends on what state you live in.

How do you contact California's US senators?

They are listed in phone books, or you can go to the related US Senate link below, which has names, states, and contact numbers for all US Senators.

How many STATE senators are there How many US senators are there?

2 state senators and there are 100 us senators 2 for every state

How do you get in touch with us senators?

The U.S. Senate web site lists the contact information for all US Senators. The link is provided below as a "related link."

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