Who are all the people with sharingan in Naruto?

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Sasuke Uchiha, Tobi AKA Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Shisui Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Danzo and Itachi Uchiha.
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What is sharingan?

sharingan is something in your eyes that makes all jutsu visible and almost makes you know the opponents moves before they do them the sharingan can copy any jutsu after seeing it or while its about to happen or in action they use the same attack against them and since the sharingans copying it they ( Full Answer )

Does Naruto have sharingan?

Naruto can't have Sharingan because 1. He's not an from the Uchiha clan he is from the Uzumaki clan and 2. If Itachi were to give Naruto Sharingan Itachi must die and Itachi doesn't die until Sasuke kills him in Naruto Shippuden. So in final Naruto doesn't have Sharingan.

How do you get the sharingan?

It really depends. You have to either have to be born with Uchiha Bloodline or have an Uchiha give you his Sharingan. You have to be born in the Uchiha Clan...or you can have an Uchiha give you but...doing so a Sharingan in a non-uchiha causes the sharingan to take alot more chakra to use then wh ( Full Answer )

In Naruto what are all the sharingan names?

In naruto there are different types of sharingan. The basic sharingan has three types. After them, there is mangekyou sharingan and then Eternal mangekyou sharingan. While the appearance of basic sharingan is same to all users but evey mangekyou sharingan has its unique pattern. naruto doesn ( Full Answer )

How does Kakashi from the show Naruto get the Mangekyou Sharingan?

Kakashi gets his sharingan from his team mate Obito uchiha.(it was a chunin team, (with the exception of Kakashi who just becomes a jonin at the time he got the eye) of three with Minato Namikaze or "the yellow flash of the leaf" as their jounin).During a mission kakashi's left eye gets injured slic ( Full Answer )

What is a sharingan?

A Sharingan is a doujutsu or eye technique that is the bloodline limit or kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan in the series Naruto. Sharingan means Copy wheel eye or mirror wheel eye. The Sharingan goes throut three stages: . Lv. 1 has the ability is to memorize any technique that it witnesses. The ( Full Answer )

Does Naruto get sharingan?

No, Naruto does not obtain the Sharingan because it is a bloodline jutsu. Meaning only people in that family/clan (in this case Uchiha Clan) will be able to obtain it's abilities. Though Naruto is related to the Sharingan because in order for Sasuke to obtain a another type of Sharingan (Mangekyou ( Full Answer )

How many sharingans are there in naruto?

There are currently 4 known holders of the sharingan. It seems all 4 possess the Mangekyou Sharingan. Uchiha Sasuke - He has shown the abilities of his brothers Mangekyou Sharingan while also displaying greater control over it's powers. Hatake Kakashi - Has shown the ability to create a dimensiona ( Full Answer )

Does Naruto get the sharingan?

depends on if he unlocks his blood traits reason being is that since his father is the 4th his father is related to the 1st and the first married a uchia to keep peace so he would have wood release and sharingan.

Will Naruto get Sharingan?

No, Naruto will never get a Sharingan. The Sharingan is a bloodline limit, or in other words it is genetic. Naruto is not part of the same family as any Sharingan user, and therefore will never receive the Sharingan. There are however, exceptions to the family only rule, such as with Kakashi. A non ( Full Answer )

How does Naruto look with sharingan?

VERY STRANGE, if you know what i meen,......heh.....heh. . VERY STRANGE, if you know what i meen,......heh.....heh.

What are all the sharingan forms?

There is the Mangekyo and the regular Sharingan. There is also the "Eternal" Mangekyo Sharingan, wich one can obtain by taking their dearest person's Mankekyo Sharingan. Madara got his Eternal by taking his younger brother Izuna's eye.

Who has the sharingan?

There are only a few known Naruto characters that posses the Sharingan. The first is Uchiha Madara. He and his brother Izuna are the first of the uchiha to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan. The Second and third is Uchiha Itachi & Uchiha Sasuke. Next is Uchiha Obito. He gained his sharingan while on ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of the mongyeko sharingan on Naruto the broken bond?

When you are put in Mangekyou sharingan mode in Naruto: The broken Bond follow the white light. Keep going until he starts to screw with Sasuke's mind. Try to put the blue and red Sasuke's together. This will happen three times before you get out of the illusion.

Does Naruto will use sharingan?

its possible because just like when sasukes amaterasu activated when madara got too close just like that i guess it will be narutos last resort against sasuke if they went at it again. that's what i believe.() actulay it wont be his last resort. he has the fox and sage mode. if the fox wont ( Full Answer )

How To Get Sharingan?

You can't get Sharingan, it's just some made-up thing from Naruto. If it was real though, you would need to be the child of someone who has the Sharingan in their blood.

How can you get sharingan?

there is no way that u could get a sharingan as its just animies do have those powers so stop thinkin about the sharingan its for your good

What is the names of all sharingan?

There is a one tomoe, two tomoe, three tomoe, mangekyu, eternal mangekyu, and i heard there is one that only sasuke can use because he has a curse mark. the last one I'm not sure about, it's just something i heard one of my friends say.

In Naruto if Danzo has the Sharingan is he a Uchiha?

Not always. The only way to get the sharingan if you are not an Uchiha is to have a medical ninja transplant his sharingan eye into their own. I would say he is not an Uchiha because an Uchiha would have a sharingan eye in both eyes, while Kakashi and Danzo only have one Sharingan eye. He is not ( Full Answer )

In how game naruto have sharingan and him will be have sharingan because itachi gives his power and sharingan for save Sasuke and to Sasuke his mangekyou sharingan when itachi die?

ok... first you need to better word this but i guess this is what u ment... Will Naruto have the sharingan because itachi gave his power to him and did sasuke get his mangekyou sharingan when itachi died? Ok well Itachi gave naruto power but DID NOT give him the sharingan to him. it would be imposs ( Full Answer )

How do you get Sasuke sharingan in Naruto shippuden legends akatsuki rising?

After You Complete the Scenario Mode, it will unlock " Akatsuki Mode " Complete " Akatsuki Mode " With Itachi and sasuke will be unlocked DUDE!!! That's the wrong question! Here's My answer. Okay, First of all just to set things straight, I haven't gotten it either. I have a theory though. In ch ( Full Answer )

How does Sasuke from the show Naruto get the Mangekyou Sharingan?

Spoilers* Sasuke awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan after the death of his older brother, Itachi . Sasuke's Mangekyō takes the appearance of a six-sided star resembling the Rutherford model of the atom. Unlike other Sharingan, which have a black design and red background, Sasuke's Mang ( Full Answer )

Do all the people from Naruto die?

my brother told me yes they all die apart from naruto i think and i said that's a lie then i asked is uchiha obito, Tobi in atsuki then he was no... and i was that's a lie but when the episode came where i found out Tobi was madara uchiha then i was like yep he was right so yes its true everyone die ( Full Answer )

Does Sakura or Naruto ever get a Sharingan?

It is shown with Kakashi that it doesn't have to be bloodline. He got it from Obito when he was a child, and Kakashi isn't related to uchiha at all.

In Naruto Itachi says you need to kill your best friend to get that one special sharingan why?

That's the legend passed down by the Uchihas. However it seems that it's actually an emotional thing an experience of grief or loss, something that's easier to achieve if you kill a close friend, but can be attained in other ways too, confirmed by the Second Hokage in issue 619. Sasuke's unlocked ( Full Answer )

Who is better Sage Naruto or Sharingan Sasuke?

well to be honest neither of them i believe that they are both the same and will end up the same. but however naruto is the main character after all. if naruto controls it better surely he will be stronger......hope this answers your question

How do you use mangekyo sharingan in Naruto revolution 3?

For Itachi, that is his regular Special Technique. If you are using Nunchuck version, you just press down on the Control Pad. For Kakashi, I'm pretty sure it is down on the Nunchuck, and right Control Pad, at the same time. Kakashi might also have to be in Crisis mode (40% health or lower). Sa ( Full Answer )

How did Kakashi from Naruto get a sharingan eye?

kakashi originally had a regular eye. but in one of his missions with his team, someone either cuts out his eye, rips his eye, or burns his eye (i dont know how exactly). one day, his team decides to give him a present but obito uchiha forgets and at the same time they are fighting someone and obito ( Full Answer )

Who are all the people on naruto names?

Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Tenzou, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, PAein, Mizuki, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Ebiso, Chio, Madara a.k.a. Tobi, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Neji, Guy, Lee, Sarutobi, Kabuto, Zakkon, Kimimaro, Tenten, Kurenai, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Sai, Denzo ( Full Answer )

What episode of naruto does Sasuke unlock his eternal mongekyou sharingan?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 202, is the first time he's shown with it. The process of unlocking is not shown in either anime or manga. The Mangekyou Sharingan Manifests itself when the person closest to them dies. they also have to feel the Emotion of Losing a close friend or Family member, usually by ( Full Answer )

Is exist at naruto the Divine Mankeyou Sharingan?

No it does not exist the most powerful sharingan is the mangyako sharingan but if you have both senju and uchiha DNA then you can unlock the rinningan which is more powerful.