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Who are allies of Israel?

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Israel has several allies, the main ones include USA, UK, Germany, Turkey and India. Amongst others are Canada, China and Czech Republic. While, USA is the biggest ally, India is fast emerging as the second biggest strategic partner.

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Who are the allies of Israel?

The allies of Israel refer to the friends of Israel. The allies of Israel includes USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, China, India and Turkey just but to mention a few.

Who are the US's allies?

The US main allies are: U.K., Israel, And Australia.

Are Egypt and Israel good allies?

Egypt and Israel are not good allies as such, may be technically because Egypt is well aware that Israel is there to stay, but they do recognize each other after the signing of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty in 1979.

Who are Egypt's allies and enemies?

Israel is now the allies of Egypt after they signed a peace treaty in 1979. However, they were not always allies. In 1967 Egypt and Israel went into a 6-day war. In 1956, Israel, along with other countries, invaded Egypt.

What are the US Allies?

Israel, England, Italy

Does Israel have anything?

yes,israel has allies,great military,resources and great sites!!!

Who is Pakistan's allies?

Pakistans true allies are Iran(this is sometimes set off by there US relations),China,Sometimes Afghanistan,Kyrghistan and before some events with israel they were ok allies with israel and palestine(repersented by the PLO)

Who are current allies of Peru?

Some of Peru's major allies include Mexico, Chile, Canada, and Israel.

Who are allies of Egypt?

Russia, they have mutual respect for America and Israel

Who should own israel?

Unlikely. Israel and the US are allies.the Jews because in the bible it says that it is there promise land

What is the definition of the word allies?

Allies are people and nations that support you in times of difficulties. The United States is an ally with Israel and Britain.

Does America have any permanent allies?

I believe so, Israel, UK and Mexico will probably always be allies maybe more

Who are the current allies of Egypt?

Russia and Israel 9/28/12

What are the three US closest allies?

UK, Canada and Australia (+ Israel).

Who are the allies and enemies of Pakistan?

Allies:ChinaIranSaudi ArabiaTurkeySri lankaEnemy:USAISRAELIndia

Who are Libya's enemies?

Allies have become enemies and enemies have become allies. Libya have had military conflicts (enemies)with USA, Israel, Egypt, and Chad.

How many people hate Israel?

Statistics like this are not measured. Fortunately, Israel has enough strong allies that it doesn't much matter who the haters are.

Is UK allied with israel?

Yes. Very close allies but not as much as the US and Isreal.

What countries are allies of Algeria?

Palestine, Israel, United Statestunisai Afghanistan and isreel

Who were israel allies during World War 2?

The nation of Israel didn't exist during WW2. The lands of Judea where part of British protectorate.

When did the allies declare that the crimes against Jews would be avenged?

thay did that , when they decide to create an inecsistant state of israel , which steal palestine property , and now that take no punishments to israel which is causing an " holocaust" to inocente people of palestine , as we see the decision of allies to catapulted jews in arabian land was an intentional decide who brought the death of milion innocents people from israel weapons , political , and allies against fuel land.....

What are Allies with US?

The United Kingdom is the U.S.'s strongest ally. Other strong U.S. allies include Canada, South Korea, Australia and Israel.

Who is America allies?

United Kingdom Israel Canada Australia New Zealand Poland Japan

Who are Americas allys?

Some of Americaâ??s top allies are the countries of Canada, Mexico, France, and Germany. Other allies include Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

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