Who are chimpanzees animal enemies?


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a chimpanzee enemies are predators such as lions leopards crocadiles large snakes and baboons!!

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Chimpanzees can be a jungle animal or a wild animal, it all depends on there habitat and what there taught too do.

themselves fighting over territory.

Crocodiles and pythons are predators of chimpanzees. Fortunately, chimps can easily avoid them by remaining up high in trees away from them.

Besides man, chimpanzees have very few natural predators. Enemies of the chimp include the leopard, python, and crocodiles. Typically, these animals only attack a weakened, sick, or young chimpanzee.

They throw rocks and sticks at enemies. See the external link below for a video example.

chimpanzees? if not gorillas ?

The enemies of a chimpanzee could be humans, other chimpanzees from different groups, and leopards... anything that has the intent to physically or mentally harm it.

Type your answer here... chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are in the primate category.

Chimpanzees sleep because they are just like humans. They are closer to humans than any other animal!!

they are the animal that eats worms

Any animal that walks on 2 legs (humans, chimpanzees, etc.)

You might not know this, but the human being is in fact an animal that originated from monkeys and chimpanzees.

what helps chimpanzees survive is basically their large ears because they help the animal hear cries from their friends.

Jane Goodall painful experience is that she was told that chimpanzees were going to be extincted. Chimpanzees were here favorite animal.

The chimpanzees have 98% match with our DNA

Apes do not have tails. Apes include Chimpanzees and Orangutans.

Chimpanzees use large stickes and branches to throw at there enemies like leopards or humans500

Predators of monkeys include large snakes, birds of prey, small and big cats and chimpanzees.

yes she is an animal activist and she had her got mother`s support to stay with the the chimpanzees ....

Chimpanzees' chromosomes are the closest to human chromosomes.

Most definitely. Chimps will protect themselves and their clan with the use of thrown weapons and they will even kill others whether they are human or animals they perceive as being enemies.

Vincent Nowlis has written: 'Companionship preference and dominance in the social interaction of young chimpanzees' -- subject(s): Animal behavior, Chimpanzees

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