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I assume the "prophetic" nations in question are the ones in power just before Jesus returns... and therefore, according to "Bible" prophecy and not the Q'ran or something.

The study is long and involved, and the rise and fall of nations and governments keeps changing the prophetic landscape.

So, for the sake of simplicity... and according to what I have gleaned from end time prophetic developments - if the present powers in the world would be the players, this is a possible scenario.

America and Britain collapse, two-thirds dead or dying from internal strife; war, disease, famine, etc... one-third in captivity. (Ezek.5:2; Jer.30:3 and many others)

Tiny Israel, without American support, will be divided... dying and/or in captivity also. (Zech.14:1-2)

In a panic, Europe desperately rises to power in the absence of America's power... and by Satan's power (Rev.13:2), is successful in achieving superpower status. Europe will assay to come to Israel's aid.

The Muslim nations will loosely unite under a charismatic leader who, with America (and Israel) gone, will attempt to press Europe into capitulating, possibly through an oil embargo, threatening to shut off Europe's oil supply.

This "push" (Dan.11:40) by the Muslim king against Europe will result in a blitzkrieg style invasion of the Mideast oil fields and the occupation thereof.

This, in turn, will spur Russia and China to rally together through their alliances with the Muslim nations to launch a massive invasion toward Jerusalem to free the world's oil supply from European control.

The armies of all the nations of the world will stage in the Valley of Har Megiddo... and a nuclear World War III will threaten to end all life on earth.

The earth will darken with cloud cover, smoke, meteor and asteroid activity and who knows what else, which will tend to cut short the strife among the nations as they look to the sky at the approach of the sun.

It will be the returning Jesus Christ. Whereupon, the armies will suddenly unite to fight off the alien invader.

So the most powerful nations will be Europe, united Mideast Arab nations and a Russian/Chinese coalition.

At least, that's how it looks for now.

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