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Q: Who are leaders of great britian during wwII?
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What countries were allies of China during World War 2?

America, USSR, Great Britian, France, Poland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were all allies of China in WWII.

Why did fascist totalitarian leaders gain power during WWII?

Fascist totalitarian leaders did not gain power during WWII. They came to power before the war. It was largely their actions once in power that resulted in that war.

Identify the leaders of the allied powers and their countries?

The U.S. and Great Britain were the main leaders of the allied powers in WWII

Was the great depression during WW2?

No, it was during the 1930's, before WWII.

What caused Great Britain and France into World War 2?

The Germans invaded Poland and both great Britian and France had treatys with Poland so when it was invaded they were also drug into the famous WWII.

What did Hitler and Mussolini have in common?

Both were dictators, poor military leaders and they both died during WWII.

What type of government did Great Britain have during WWII?

Constitutional Monarchy

Who was president during the great depression and wwII?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What did Churchill do in power?

Was prime minister for Great Britain during WWII

Who was our 22Nd and 24Th president?

who was president during the great depression and wwii

Was Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam war?

As with MOST senior leaders during the Vietnam War, LBJ was a WWII veteran.

How was Winston churchhill a leader?

He led great Britain into victiory during WWII.

When was radar first used?

During the Battle of Great Britain at the time of WWII

Who were the major leaders in Europe during world war 2?

Two of the major leaders in Europe during World War II include: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Also, Josef Stalin was a major leader during WWII.

Who were the leaders of the countries that were allies to America?

America had many allies during WWII though its main allies were Britain and Russia. Their leaders were Winston Churchill(Britain) and Josef Stalin (Russia).

Who is fighting against whom in World War 2?

In WWII, the Allies, (the USA, Great Britian, France, Canada, Poland, and the Soviet Union), fought against the Axis powers, (Germany, Japan, and Italy).

What military leaders fought in the Vietnam War?

1. General Paul Harkins was on Patton's staff during WWII. 2. General Westmoreland fought in Europe during WWII. 3. General Abrams fought in Europe during WWII. 4. Colonel Robin Olds was a fighter ace in WWII; shot down over 12 German planes. 5. Colonel George S. Patton, son of WWII Patton, commanded the 11th ACR in Vietnam.

Leader of great brittan during World War 2?

The Prime Minister of Great Britain in WWII was Winston Churchill.

During WWII what is the role of Geography?

STOP CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!

How did American's recover from the dropped economy during the great depression?

WWII production of war materials.

Meaning of baby boomers?

People born after the troops returned from WWII are called baby boomers. There were so many of them as families had put off having large families during the Great Depression and then during WWII.

What were the major features of the New Deal?

Was to repair after WWII and create jobs for people during the Great Depression.

What were the big three nations?

During WWII the Big Three were The United States, Great Britain and Russia.

Who were the leaders of WWII?

Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Mussolloni, etc.

Who was the leader of Great Britain during WWII?

Winston Churchill Michael Montagne and chamberlin for a lil bit at begining