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Who are shemales?

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A derogatory term for a transgender woman who has male genitalia and does sex work.

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Shemales is an offensive term to refer to trans women. No one should be using offensive terms such as this in 2015.

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How do you women become shemales?

Women cannot become shemales.

Do shemales have vaginas?

Shemales are not the same as intersexed or transsexual persons. Thus no, shemales at most will have breasts with male genitalia.

Can shemales have children?

Shemales are men so not with a man but with a woman they can since they have male genitalia.

How do shemales get erections?

Basically shemales are male, so naturally they will have erection...

Do shemales wear regular girl panties?

Shemales can wear thongs that's what i wear but my dick hangs out. some shemales will wear panties if they want

Are shemales bisexual?

Many "shemales" are in the process of changing their sex. Some of them are bisexual; most aren't.

Do shemales exist?


Does shemales have eggs?

no they have dicksss

Can shemales get themselves pregnate?


Can shemales marry?

Yes they can

How many shemales are there?


Difference betwenn shemales and females?

Females have a vagina. Shemales are females but instead of a vagina they have a penis. Odd right?

Can shemales have babies?

NO...shemales can not have babies because there is no such thing as a shemale...if a shemale did have a baby it was a girl who got a gender change.

Are shemales weird?

no shemales are not weird, they are males that most of the time would have rather been female but really like their penis

Do shemales ejeculate?

SolutionYes shemales can ejaculate because they have a penis that function's like a guy's penis. Of course they can ejaculate.

Do shemales like women?


Why do guys like shemales?

Most do not.

How many shemales are in this world?

about 5%

Can shemales get pregnant?

No! there man with breast.

Difference between the number of testes in males and shemales.?

the same, shemales are males that want to be women but really like their penis and balls,

Why are some girls shemales?

if they were previously female and now have male genitalia then they are not shemales but transgenders. Claiming such things to ones face is considered an insult

How do you contact Pakistani shemales?

You personally do not contact anyone. People who use offensive terms like 'shemales' should not talk to other people.

How shemales are born?

Most shemales are born as normal boys, then a sexual desire rises toward being either feminine or just submissive Very few shemales are born with extra X chromosome that makes hormonal imbalance when they reach puberty

Do shemales actually exist?

No, it's a kink.

What should you do if you like shemales?

Date one?