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There are alot of celebrities that do charity work. A couple examples are Elton John and Robin Williams.

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mother Teressa did good with her money if you want to know more about her look it up on wikipedia

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Q: Who are some celebrities that help charities?
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How can charities help the needy?

Some charities help by giving food n shelter to people others clothes and show advertisement to sponsor

What are some names of different charities?

Their are dog charities, needy charities, homeless charities, watoto charities and a lot of different charities that you can go to or look at if you want to help a charity in need, or if your doing a report on a charity loo here and look at the different charities you can help or look at espesially if you want to adopt a child go to and you can adopt a boy or a girl it doesnt matter what age just help!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to phrase a sentence talking about jehovas witness charities then catholic charities?

Charities run by Jehovah's Witnesses share some similarities with Catholic Charities.Both Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholics use charities to help people in the community.

Did the Jews receive any help in the holocaust?

Most help came from individuals and, to some extent, charities.

Do you think all celebrities who have their own charity or charities give enough of their own riches to their own charities when you know of the wealthiness of that celebrity?

yes, celebrities doNo, not all celebrities give generous amounts if you base it on what you know some of them earn and have. The question referred to the celebrities who actually have their own charity or charities. That's a whole other animal. I think that if a celebrity starts a charity they should be front and center contributing a much higher percentage of their own money to what they believe in so very dearly. Nothing wrong with giving to a worthy charity but when you have celebrities that promote their own causes who you know is capable of giving much more than what they do it's a little disheartening to believe in that charity.

Do celebrities on Jeopardy get coached?

No the show can not provide assistance even the celebrities are competing for there charities and the show must follow the laws enacted for game shows by congress

What are some legitimate child charities?

Here are some of the legitimate child charities that you can work for and help: Human Rights, Child Protection, Cancer, AIDS, Youth Development and Hunger.

How do homeless charities help people?

Charities help them because the money raised in the charity can be given to help homeless people.

What Charities help Ghana?

They receive charities from citizens staying abroad.

Who do Christian charities help?

Christian charities help anyone in need, regardless of their religion or position in society.

What celebrities will donate to a charity?

Jack Johnson donates alot to charities. He donated the profit of his world tour.

What are some charities which allow people to help support starving children?

There are numerous charities which allow people to support starving children. A few of these charities are: Kids in Need, Newborns in Need, Share Our Strength, and Kaboom.