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Who are some famous Catholic authors?


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December 22, 2010 6:21PM

Brian Friel, Maeve Binchy, Ernest Hemingway (convert), James Joyce, J. R. R Tolkien (LOTR), maybe Shakespeare ...

Hans Kung (ex, 'The Catholic Church: A Short History')

Fr. Kung was one of the authors of 'Vatican II', the still hotly debated (roughly 1962 thru 1967) and radical contemporization of the principles of the Catholic Faith. He has published over 50 titles and is a leader in inter-faith dialogs.

Fulton J. Sheen (ex, 'Life is Worth living').

Bishop Sheen hosted first a radio and then television show wherewith he espoused a friendly, funny yet livable Catholic view of life. Much of his published material is sourced from these broadcasts.

Thomas Merton (ex 'The Seven Storey Mountain')

Thomas Merton wrote, always skillfully on varying topics, including his evolution from indulgent youth to a life as a Trappist Monk (The Seven Storey Mountain) and the commonality of all systems of belief (Mystics and Zen Masters).