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Who are some famous Filipino chemists and what are their contributions to the field of chemistry?


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Filipino Chemists and their contributions

Julian Banzon - experimented with the production of ethyl ester fuels from sugarcane and coconut and invented a means of extracting residual coconut oil by a chemical process rather than a physical process. A pioneer for alternative fuels ROM the 1930's and 40's.

Francisco Quisumbing - invented Quink ink (currently used in Parker Pens) which is a quick drying ink that prevents the ink from clogging the pen.

Ramon Barba - created crop flowering techniques using a potassium nitrate spray. Due to his discoveries in tropical tree physiology, the Philippines is the leading exporter of mangoes and mango products.

Francisco Santos - studied the nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods from the Philippines. His data was used to help detect and solve problems with Filipino diets.

Rolando De La Cruz - inventor of an anti-cancer skin cream.

Anacleto Del Rosario - Winner of first prize at the World Fair in Paris in 1881 for for producing a pure alcohol from tuba of a nipa palm. His research also led to the process of extracting castor oil from a native plant called palma christi.

Alfredo Santos - isolation and elucidation of biochemicals (the phaeantharine and other alkaloids) from Philippine medical plants.

Eduardo San Juan - worked on the team that invented and launched the Lunar Rover (Moon Bugg)

Daniel Dingel - possible invention of a water-powered car

Benjamin Almeda - designed a cutting edge food-processing machine

More Filipino Scientists that have contributed to the field of chemistry:

  1. Lourdes J. Cruz
  2. Dr. Beatrice Guevara
  3. Dr. Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza
  4. Dr. Elma C. Llaguno
  5. Lani Rose Mateo
  6. Richard Sucgang
  7. Angel Arguelles
  8. Julian Bazon
  9. Luz Oliveros-Belardo
  10. Alfredo Santos