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Who are some famous Germans?

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Albert Einstein

Bach (johann sebastian)



Karl Marx

Manfred von ardenne

boris becker - tennis

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What did the Germans bring to America?

what did the Germans bring to America? what are they most famous for?

What are some famous battle plans in the world?

one famous one is operation sea lion (planned by the Germans but cancelled because the weather was to bad.

What is something the Germans were famous for making?


Name 10 famous Germans?

Wikipedia has a very long list of famous Germans. Click on the link below and decide which ten you want to pick.

are all Germans fat?

No, all Germans are not fat. Some Germans are fat, but the majority of Germans are not fat.

What was Neville chamberlain famous for?

For killing all the Germans

Why do Jews hate Germans?

Who says they dislike the Germans? Some do, some don't.

Is Peugeot a famous french car?

Some people would say Peugeot is an INFAMOUS French car, but they are probably Italians or Germans.

Who are two famous Germans and why?

albert Einstein n Hitler

Why do Germans hate the British?

From experience, most Germans are Anglophile, although, just as there are some British who don't like Germans, there are some Germans who, for personal reasons, don't like the British.

When did Hitler become famous?

he became famous because he was the leader of the Germans during world war 2

What was Bernard law Montgomery most famous for?

For winning the Battle of El Alemain against the Germans, killing over 30,000 Germans.

What are Germans famous for?

Hamburgers and hot dog originated from hamburg germany

Did Germans fight back at Hitler?

Some did, there were many attempts on his life by Germans.

What are famous German symbols?

The black eagle represents the Germans in most cases.

Are Germans monotheistic?

Not all Germans, possibly some... lets not try to be racist, shall we?

Are Germans abusive?

Some are some aren't. But as a nation; no.

Do Germans play golf?

Yes Germans do play golf, but it is not their most popular sport. Famous German Golfers include Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer.

What month and day was Germany found?

Germans most famous celeb is shania scheunemann

Did all Germans hate Jews during the Holocaust?

No, as a matter of fact some Germans even helped the Jews. Some Germans helped the Jews stay in hiding so that they wouldn't get sent away.

Do Germans like Mexican music?

Some do, some don't

What did billy bishop do to be famous?

He was a famous World War 1 Ace. He fought off 7 or 8 Germans by himself in one fight.

Where all Germans Nazi's?

No not all German's were Nazi's because some germans didn't agree with Hitler.

Why do Germans dislike Jews?

germans dislike jews because Adolf Hitler tricked them in to thinking that jews were not true germans because they were different in some ways

What accomplishments did Corrie ten Boom do to make her famous?

She hides the Jews, and even persecuted by the Germans.