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Roebling - designed the Roebling Suspension Bridge that connects downtown Cincinnati, OH with Northern Kentucky. This brige was the design for the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

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Who are some famous engineers?


Who are the famous computer engineers?

There are several famous computer engineers. Some of these computer engineers include Steve Jobs, Bill Lowe, as well as Steve Wozniak.

What are some famous truss bridges?

One famous truss bridge was the Tacoma Bridge.

What were some special challenges that the architects and engineers of the Brooklyn bridge faced?


What were some special that the architects and engineers of the tower bridge faced?

Well there was your mom and your mom.

What were some special challenges that the architects and engineers of the chesapeake bay bridge faced?

they fell

What is a famous covered bridge?

A covered bridge is a timer-truss bridge. The bridge has a roof and siding which covers almost all parts of the bridge. Some famous covered bridges are the Buchfart bridge and the Hartland Bridge.

Who are some famous women biomedical engineers?

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Most famous beam bridges in Australia?

There are many famous bridges in Australia. Some of these are: Albert Bridge, Alfords Point Bridge, ANZAC Bridge, Batman Bridge and Bolte Bridge.

What are the 4 most famous bridges in the world?

There are many famous bridges in the world. Some of the most famous are the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Tower Bridge.

What were some speacial challenges that the architects and engineers of the golden gate bridge faced?

im asking answer

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Herbert Boyer and Stanley Choen

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Electrical engineers are famous for making contributions to electrical engineering. Some of these people are John Bardeen, Alexander Graham Bell and Alfred Rosling Bennet.

What are some famous bridges in the World?

There are many famous bridges in the world, some known for their beauty, some for their height or length or even age. Some of the most famous are The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Akashi-Kaikyo in Japan and the Tower Bridge in London.

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Who are some famous electrical engineers?

Nikola Tesla is probably the greatest. The most famous is probably Thomas Edison.

What are some of Switzerlands famous landmarks?

The alps and chapel bridge

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"The Bridge of Life" Museum

What are some famous place's in England?

Stonehenge and London bridge

What are some famous bridges in the United States?

Golden Gate Bridge George Washington Bridge Brooklyn Bridge London Bridge and Galloping Gerteie, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Why was it necessary for the engineers who built the Confederation Bridge to study the climate and storms in the Northumberland Strait before beginning to build?

because the confederation bridge had been planned to be built high and the bridge might have had some non-proper supports.

Who are some notable Muslim engineers?

The Banu Musa were famous Muslim engineers in ninth-center Baghdad. They built mechanical contraptions that were not duplicated until centuries later.

What are some famous truss beam bridges?

The Firth or Forth Bridge in Scotland

Famous landmarks in Maryland?

some are the famous blue bridge,bay bridge,historic downtown cumberland,and many more! the bay bride,Annie oklys home,babe Ruth birth place,blue bridge, and more

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