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Who are some famous rock and roll singers?


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June 10, 2014 1:52PM

Elvis Presley, any of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Scott, Steve Perry, Steven Tyler, Geddy Lee, David Lee Roth, Brad Delp, Freddie Mercury, Alice Cooper, Ronnie Van Zandt, Sammy Hagar, Vince Neil, Brett Michaels, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, and anyone from the Eagles, just to name a few.

Sebastian Bach, the lead singer for skid row (at one point), or Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue (my personal favorite band), and Mark "the animal" Mendoza, twisted sister band member.... but if you want to get technical, there is also Rikki Rocket, Bobby dall, CC DeVille,Izzy Stradlin, Tracii Guns, Olei Beich, Rob Gardner, SLASH, NIKKI SIXX, MICK MARS, Dave Sabo, rob affuso, and specifically Paul McCarntney and John Lennon.. haha but since you asked for singers, i guess its okay.. but the other members of the bands are great too.