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Who are superwoman's friends?



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There is no such character in the canonical, standard DC universe. Supergirl is Kara, or Kara Zore-el. Kara means Jewel in German. she was created by the German-American science fiction writer Binder. Her secret identity was/is Linda Lee Danvers originally Linda Lee. interestingly both her real father (Zor-el living with Allura in Kandor, at least recently), and her adoptive father Richard Danvers were engineers and in her first public (semi-on a deserted road) Supergirl rescued her adoptive parents from a bridge accident-again tying into the Slide-rule angle. Supergirl was allegedly killed off in the Crisis series but has probably been revitalized in some way. There is a current Supergirl comic book. odd I can"t think of , Yes it was Otto Binder, very Berlin sounding.