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Who are the 25 most important people in history?


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5.)Isac newton

6.)albert Einstein


8.)T'sai Lun

9.)st. Paul

10.)ghengis khan

11.)Augustus Caesar




15.)oliver cromwell

16.)George Washington

17.)martin Luther



20.)Henry ford

21.)Julius Caeser



24.)Karl marx

25.) Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone has their list, and everyone is right. Name yours and justify it. Everyone will argue that some of your list is wrong, and everyone will argue that some of you list is right. No one has the exact list of 25, but you have yours, and for you it is the right list.


Jesus Christ

Martin Luther

Adolf Hitler

Genghis Khan



Thomas Edison

Christopher Columbus

Johannes Guttenburg

Albert Einsten

Charles Darwin

Galileo Galilei

Napoleon Bonaparte

William the Conqueror

Isabella of Castile

George Washington

Nicolaus Copernicus

Otto von Bismark

Thomas Jefferson

Issac Newton

Louis Pasteur

Karl Marx

Elenor of Aquataine

Orville & Wilbur Wright

Henry Ford


As the above poster said, there is no universal list of the 25 most important people in history, however here are some influential people that you may want to look into

1. Jesus Christ

2. Johannes Gutenburg

3. Mohammed

4. Martin Luther

5. Nicolaus Copernicus

6. Isaac Newton

7. Adolf Hitler

8. Harry S. Truman

9. Genghis Khan

10. Christopher Columbus

11. Albert Einstein

12. Pope Gregory III

13. Henry the Navigator

14. T'sai Lun

15. Vladimir Lenin

16. Wright Brothers

17. Abraham Lincoln

18. Karl Marx

19. Galileo

20. John F. Kennedy

21. Henry VIII

22. Napoleon Bonaparte

23. Mohandas Ghandi

24. Winston Churchill

25. Charles Darwin


1. Muhammad ( although i am a christian i think that Muhammad was more influential because he was the central human figure of Islam, regarded by Muslims as the messenger and last prophet of God. Also active as a diplomat, merchant, philosopher, orator, legislator, reformer, and military general)

2. Sir Isac Newton ( he was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. His law of universal gravitation and three laws of motion laid the groundwork for classical mechanics.

3. Jesus

4. Buddha

5. St. Paul

6. Confucius

7. Martian Luther

8. Ts'ai Lun

9. Johannes Gutenburg

10. Columbus

11. Einstein


1) Norman Borlaug

No one else I am aware of comes close. But, here are a few, not in order of importance, but all had a great significance in the history of the world...

2) Leonardo Da Vinci

3) Carl Sagan

4) Albert Einstein

5) Constantine

6) Thomas Jefferson

7) Charlemagne

8) Nickola Tesla

9) Nicolaus Copernicus

10) Galileo

11) Winston Churchill

A few men you didn't find on this list: Christopher Columbus, Mohandas Gandhi, Thomas Edison. I find too much fault in these men to make them greater than the ones listed above, so I don't feel they should be added to the list. They were important, but not as great or significant as the listed.