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There is no English navy as such - for most purposes (inluding defence) the United Kingdom (made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland) is considered a single country.

The Royal Navy is responsible for protecting the maritime interests of the UK

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Q: Who are the English navy?
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The navy did stuff in the English civil war

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England is only one of 4 countries which make up the United Kingdom - the others being Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Queen is the head of state for all these countries, and in general terms, the UK is governed as a single country. The armed forces are drawn from and protect the whole of the UK. The Royal Navy is the maritime branch of the UK armed forces. There has not been an English Navy for centuries --There has never actually been a English Navy, it has always been the Royal Navy. It was kind of 'nick-named' the English navy because the majority of sailors were English men.

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You mean that the Spanish Armada was defeated by the English Navy and bad weather. The English navy achieved a victory over the Spanish at the Battle of Gravelines and sever storms disrupted the Spanish fleet

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