Who are the English navy?

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There is no English navy as such - for most purposes (inluding defence) the United Kingdom (made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland) is considered a single country.

The Royal Navy is responsible for protecting the maritime interests of the UK

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Q: Who are the English navy?
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What did the navy do in the English Civil War?

The navy did stuff in the English civil war

What year did Henry VIII make the English Navy?

He forged the Navy in 1495

Did the Spanish armada defeat the English navy?


Does the Navy have English class during BTC?


Was the portuguese armada defeated in 1588 by stormy weather and the English navy?

You mean that the Spanish Armada was defeated by the English Navy and bad weather. The English navy achieved a victory over the Spanish at the Battle of Gravelines and sever storms disrupted the Spanish fleet

Is the English Navy the same as the Royal Navy?

England is only one of 4 countries which make up the United Kingdom - the others being Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Queen is the head of state for all these countries, and in general terms, the UK is governed as a single country. The armed forces are drawn from and protect the whole of the UK. The Royal Navy is the maritime branch of the UK armed forces. There has not been an English Navy for centuries --There has never actually been a English Navy, it has always been the Royal Navy. It was kind of 'nick-named' the English navy because the majority of sailors were English men.

Who was the English commander against Spanish Armada?

drake and hawkins had command of the english navy

How did the English language come to the Bahamas?

It was brought there by the Royal Navy and English merchant sailors

How many ships did the English have in the armada?

The English Navy had 60 ships against the Spanish Armada.

Which man is credited for bravely fighting the English navy during the american revolution?

Captain John Paul Jones is the man credited for bravely fighting the English Navy during the American Revolution. He is known as the father of the United States Navy today.

English sea dog who plundered the spanish navy?


What fleet did the English navy destroy in 1588?

The Spanish Armada

Who defeated by English navy and bad weather?

Spanish Armanda

Why did Henry VIII build up the English navy?

Henry built up the navy because he wanted to defeat the Spanish.

Can dogs be the color navy?

Pretty darned close..."blue" belton English Setters are almost nay blue and white. Blue roan English cockers are also almost navy blue.

What preparations for the spanish armada were made by England and Spain?

The relied on the navy and on beacons that were lit to signal the English navy to prepare i think

Are the origins of the Royal Navy English or British as the White Ensign includes both flags but The Cross of St George is prominent?

The English navy was created by King Alfred The Great in 9th century in order to engage with Danish longships which were attacking the English coast. King Harold also had a navy which engaged and did much damage to an pre 1066 invasion Norman flotilla of ships that sailed into the channel. We know about King Henry V's navy. Henry VIII and also that of Queen Elizabeth. We can safely say that the Royal Navy is English in its origins. Historically from that time onwards, the English Navy was The Senior Service and naturally flew the cross of St George. It was not until 1707 that the union jack was added.

What did Thomas Paine think of the English Navy?

He did not like it and he thought it was excellant

Not true of Elizabethan England?

The Spanish Armada defeated the English navy.

Which English word is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Nou'?


Why did Napoleon's efforts to subdue Britain fail?

He never had a Navy that was the equal of the Royal Navy and the English Channel provided the UK with a protective moat.

Who is English sea dog who plundered the spanish navy?

English privateer Sir Francis Drake "plundered the Spanish navy." Considered a pirate by the Spanish, he often attacked and raided Spanish ships of their cargo and riches.

Who had the strongest navy in the world of the time of the french and Indian war?

The English were the strongest.

Use the word armada in a sentence?

The English navy defeated the Spanish armada.

Where was the first place that the English navy landed in World War 1?