Who are the Hyde-Heidenblut family?


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Try going to the Illinois Regional Archives Depository site: Archives enter in your surname, and send away for old documents, death notices, marriage certificates. Jane, Christina Mecke was a sister of my husband's grandfather. I have a bit of information on the family. I have some information on the Mecke side and a little on Heidenblut. I would be interested in exchanging some information. I have a picture of Christina and her siblings. This is the first time I have been on this site. Hopefully you'll get this reply. Shirley, Dear Jane, This is Robert Hyde's daughter. I was searching the net and came across this page. I am glad to see someone else interested in our family name besides me. I found a couple of cousins awhile back and told Frank Jr. about them. Them my computer crashed and I lost their email addresses. I really hate it. I am trying to find them again. Their names were Gilbert and Jerold Heidenblut. If you have any luck finding them let me know. Thanks, Lisa Hyde Dear Lisa,

I am the nephew of Gilbert and Jerold. George is their oldest brother and my father. I am not sure if you are still watching this page or not. steve


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