Who are the Jewish leaders in worship?

There are three general leaders in Jewish Worship.

Rabbi: This is a person trained in Jewish law, ritual, and tradition and ordained for leadership of a Jewish congregation (especially one serving as chief religious official of a synagogue). The Rabbi will often give the D'var Torah or Sermon to the Congregation and serve as a general spiritual leader.

Hazan/Cantor: The Hazan is responsible for leading the communal praying by singing the prayers. Any knowledgeable congregant may serve as a temporary Hazan, but most synagogues have a permanent Hazan, at least on Sabbath and festivals.

Ba'al Qoreh: This person specifically reads the Torah in front of the congregation at the certain times of the service where it is possible. The function of Ba'al Qoreh is often merged into the Rabbi's or Hazan's duties.