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The highest points scored in a game was 100, by Wilt Chamberlain, of the Philidelphia Warriors.

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Liverpool gained 82 points in the 2005/2006 season being their highest total since the premiership began, although with 2 games left of the 2008/2009 season and standing on 80 points it is possible for them to finish on 86 points.

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Ryan Giggs he has played in every season since it began and has scored in every season since it began

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vikings/chicago 10/19/08 89 points total

No, the highest any top flight team has ever reached since the rule for 3 points per win was introduced was 95 points by Chelsea in 2004/2005 under Jose Mourinho. The highest points in a season out of any league was 106 points, when Reading won the championship in 2005/2006 under Steve Coppell.

Jodie Meeks; 54 point Jan 13,2009 KY 90 points and TN 72 points

Wilt Chamberlain (Since he got 100 points in a game)

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Ronaldinho without a doubt. He has probably been the highest paid player since 2003

Depends....Since 2010 40.0 points

It's a fair way of measuring a player's score, since if points were only gained by getting kills, you would get no reward for capturing a base or completing an objective.

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