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Who are the Olympic champions and record holders in soccer?

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Joey won 3,000 gold metals in 0.92 kilometers on the back of a money tail.

Tommy won 1,000,000 gold metals in the Urine Cup

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Champions World Class Soccer happened in 1994.

Champions Soccer Radio Network was created in 2006.

Champions World Class Soccer was created on 1994-03-25.

The Portuguese are the soccer champions of Europe, for Soccer. Although they came 2nd in the 2004 world cup, their overall results for their soccer history is outstanding. GO PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!

Yes, Soccer is a youth Olympic discipline.

Soccer was introduced in the Olympic Games in 1990.

Women's soccer become an Olympic sport in 1996.

Kaka is a soccer player. Soccer is not an Winter Olympic sport.

Yes it is. In addition to the mens game, womens soccer was added to the Olympic program in 1996.

The ECC in soccer refers to the European Champions Cup, which is now known as the UEFA Champions League. It is made from the best football teams in Europe

The team for an Olympic soccer team is picked by the national team coach. However, for the Olympic soccer torunament, there are some rules as to who can and can not play, for example age restrictions.

The highest number of goals in one Champions League is 17. The record was by achieved Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2013/14 season.

soccer was originated in England as a olympic as the Greeks

how many soccer fields will fit in the london olympic games stadium

UCL - Uefa Champions League

Yes, it's still currently a Olympic sport.

Probably the Champions League final, where the winners become champions of Europe

The champions league is a European club football (soccer) competition organized by the UEFA. It was formerly known as the European Champions Clubs' Cup and the European Cup.

1908 held in london,the last time Gt britain played olympic soccer

Yes football is a olympic sport , for both men and women.

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