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The Phillies most intense rivalry in recent years is the New York Mets. They also have rivalries with the Florida Marlins, Atlanta Braves, and somewhat of a rivalry with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The rivalry between the Pirates has been diminished over the years due to the poor play of the Pirates and realigning of divisions.

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Who are the mets rivals?

Phillies are their divisional rivals, but Yankees are their city rivals who they fight with for fans, sponsorship etc.

Who are the braves rivals with?

Phillies, Mets/and Red Soxs

Who is the mets rivals?

The Braves, the Yankees, the Phillies, the Nationals want to be, but the Mets are to good for them.

Who are the Philadelphia Phillies top three rivals?

NY Mets Atlanta Braves Florida Marlins

Who is the main rival of the Florida Marlins?

The main rivals of the Marlins are the New York Mets and the Philidelphia Phillies.

Who are the New York Mets rivals?

New York Yankees - Interleague - or Philadelphia Phillies in NL East.

Who owns the Phillies stadium?

Kevin McKee he is a rich man from New York and wanted to buy the Mets but was denied. So decided to own a part of the Phillies "Stadium" because they are rivals.

Who are the Pittsburgh Pirates rivals?

All other National League teams, but, probably, the Philadelphia Phillies, their cross state opponents in the NL.

Who are the redsox rivals with?

New York yankess(most hated riverly) , Tampa bay devil rays , Baltimore orioles and philadolpha phillies

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