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Who are the Primark competitors?

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The population of Primark is 36,000.

No actually like to work in primark but it is easy to get work in primark.

No. There is not a Primark in Dumbarton. The nearest Primark store is in Clydebank Shopping Centre in Clydebank.

There is a primark website which is

No, but Primark are looking for somewhere in Carlisle

There is a website for Primark but not a online shop.

"Primark" is "Penneys" in Ireland

We don't have Primark shops in Malta.

primark first opened in 1973

what are the opening and closing time for primark?

No, Primark do not have a website that you can purchase from.

As of September, 2014, Primark is not closing.

Primark in Wood Green does not exist...YET! contracts have just been completed by Primark and the Mall Wood Green meaning that Primark now owns the old pearsons site. they plan to open a new Primark there during November 2009

Apparel can be purchased from the website Primark. Primark is a clothing retailer that is headquartered in the United Kingdom. There are also some Primark stores located in European malls.

The type of ownership is Primark is a Public Company.

There are 17 Primark stores are in Spain.

primark clothes are manufactured in Bangladesh,China

can love to shop vouchers be spent in primark

Where are the clothing made purchased at Primark

primark is a shop and i shop there all the time but the clothes are made by people in Africa and that is what they do for a living how sad Primark is a clothes shop.

maybe in ireland :/ the hq is there so...

No they do not. However, if you visit Ireland, Primark trades as Penney's, which do have vouchers.

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