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Answer :Tennessee Walkers are a commonly found horse breed in the united states . BC of their long legs and tall musclar bodies They are born with a very smooth gait with 5 diff gaits. These horses are fond of their masters and great horses.

tenessee walkers were obviously from tenesee

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Q: Who are the Tennessee Walkers?
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How do Tennessee walkers reproduce?


Do Tennessee walking horses gallop?

Tennessee Walkers have the ability to gallop, however it is very rarely used.

What is a Tennessee walking horse's prey?

Tennessee Walkers, like all other horses, are not predators, and therefore have no prey.

What does it mean is a horse is gaited?

that means he does not trot or canter. instead they pace, rack, or amble like icelandic ponies or Tennessee walkers

Is a Tennessee walking horse fast?

Tennessee Walkers are about as fast as a normal horse. The reason the breed has a "walking" in it is because they have a special fifth gait. This gait is called a running walk that's is really smooth.

What are some or facts about the Tennessee Walking Horse?

Tennessee Walkers have very many interesting facts, but I'll just tell you a few:1. TWH do not race, instead they have a really smooth gait, there's even a competition for Tennessee Walkers where the rider holds a galass of water, the TWH does it's pace, and the water doesn't spill.2. Unlike Arabians, TWH are very good tempered.3. When most Tennessee Walking Horses do it's special gaits, they nods their heads in timing.

Why is the Tennessee Walking Horse called a walking horse?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is known for a special gait called the "Running Walk" which is a very fast walk with a long stride, super smooth and totally natural to the Tennessee Walking Horse. That is why they are called "walking horses" or "walkers"

Are Tennessee Walkers fast?

At the gallop they can be quite fast but they are not race horses and were bred for the walking gait or the better named hereditary running walk at which they excel.

What gait are Tennessee walkers known for?

The running walk, which is the equine equivalent of the human racing walk. They also tend to amble (pace) instead of trotting.

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Can the Waller horse be palomino?

I truly have never heard of the Waller horse, palomino or otherwise. Maybe you mean the Tennessee Walker. Walkers come in many colors and palomino is one of them.

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Well gaited horses as an average all tend to be a bit on the smaller side, but most likely the larger horses would probably be Tennessee Walkers and Standardbreds.

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