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Today that list would have to start the US Special Operations Command, not only because of the 48,000 skilled and highly trained and experienced members, but also because of the conventional forces available on call and the intelligence services and facilities that actively provide everything they require or desire to plan and conduct operations on a global basis. They are charged with providing the US with: * Unconventional warfare cabalities, * Foreign internal defense, * Reconnaissance, * Direct action, * Counter-terrorism and counter-drug operation forces and capabilites. It contains units and individuals from the four US Military Services as required, including: * Air Force Special Operations Command, * Army Special Operations Command, * Naval Special Warfare Command, * Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. The Royal Marines 3 Commando Brigade would certainly rank as number two on any modern list, with some of the finest trained guerrilla forces in existence, and the French Foreign Legion can easily put together a major guerrilla warfare force out of their nine regiments. Perhaps best suited for that role is the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment stationed in French Guiana. Al-Qaeda would appear on the modern list, so might Hamas, the IRA or FARC. On a historical basis, add Castro, Spartacus and Rogers Rangers, the French Partisans, Tito's Partisans, the British Special Air Service with its Desert Rats. the Special Boat Service, Force 136 (Special Operations Executive), the Smuts Commando of the Second Boer War, T.E. Lawrence of Arabia, Morgan, Mosby or Quantrill's Raiders from the US Civil War, Merril's Marauders, the Chindits, the Stern Gang, the Devil's Brigade of the 1at Special Service Force, the Old IRA under Michael Collins, or any of the guerrilla forces led by Che Guevera. One of the best on a national level of course was the Peoples Army of VietNam (PAVN) under Vo Nguyen Giap.

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