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the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Russian Empire help me now anyone who can!!!!1
Allied powers include the allies of World War I, which include Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Portugal, the Russian Empire, Greece, Belgium, Romania, Montenegro and Japan, joined later by Italy, the United States, Serbia, and Brazil.

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Q: Who are the allied powers?
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The European imperialistic countries of Great Britain France and Russia were called the?

allied powersAllied powersAllied powers.

Who controlled more land the allied Powers or the axis powers?

allied powers

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt apart of the allied powers or axis powers?

Allied powers

How can you use central powers and allied powers in a sentence?

In world war 1 the allied powers were fighting against the central powers

How did Italy become part of the Allied Powers in World War 1?

Italy joined the Allied powers when they saw that the war was going in the favor of the Allied powers.

Were the US allied or axis powers in World War 2?

US was the allied powers

Who controlled the allied powers in 1941?

Great Britain controlled the Allied powers in 1941

Who were the allied powers and axis powers?

Allied Powers: USA, France, UK, China, Russia. Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan.

Who were the allied powers and axis powers of world war 2?

Allied Powers : the US , Britain and Russia / Axis Powers : Germany , Italy and Japan .

Who is powers were stronger than the Central Powers?

Allied Powers.

Who were the 5 members of the allied powers?

Allied Powers has 22 members, Axis has 7 members. :)

Allied powers during World War 2?

The allied powers were North America and Britain.

Did the allied powers win world war 2?

The Allied Powers did win WW2 in 1945.

Which nations comprised the Allied Powers?

Great Britain, France, and Russia united as the Allied Powers.

Who formed Allied Powers?

The allied powers consisted of the United States, France, England, and Russia.

Which totalitarian leader was initially allied with the Axis Powers and then switched his alliance to the Allied Powers?

Stalin .

Did more nations belong to the allied powers or the central in 1914?

allied powers got more

What does allied powers have to do with World War 2?

The Allied powers were the forces that fought Germany in WW2.

Who was Benito Mussolini allied with?

he was allied with the axis powers.

How did the allied powers defeat the central powers in world war 1?

They did not. Axis and Allied powers were only in World War 2

Were the allied powers in World War 2?

Yes. The Allied Forces were from World War 1. The Allied Powers were from World War 2.

What was the other name of the central powers and the allied powers?

The other name of the Central Powers was Triple Alliance And the other name for the Allied Powers was The Triple Entente .

What were the four allied powers?

In WW II the four allied powers were Britain, France, Russia, and the US.

What year did the Allied powers push the central powers out of France in World War 1?

The allied powers did not push the Central powers out of France. The Central powers only left after the armistice.

What did the axis powers do?

they went against the allied powers