Who are the allies of Serbia?

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Serbia's AlliesIn WWI the allied forces (Britain, France, and later on America and Italy) were all allied with Serbia against the Austro-Hungarians and the Germans.

In the middle ages, the Byzantine Empire was the Serbian Empire's friend. When Serbia was occupied by the Ottomans, Austria, Poland and Venice helped Serbia. During the first Balkan War, Bulgaria and Greece were allies. During the 2nd Balkan War, Serbia allied with Greece. During the WWI, besides those already listed, Serbia also allied with Russia, traditional friend to Serbia. During WWII, Serbian allies included the UK, Russia, the United States, France, and other anti-fascist countries. After WWII Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, a non-allied country balanced between East and West. During 1990 Serbia did not have many friends, but now old allies are back, primarily Greece, France and the Russia . Curiously, Serbia has never had conflict with its two neighbors: Greece and Romania.

Even though some serbian politicians try to get Serbia inside Europian Union most of the common serbs blame the west for the desperate situation in whitch Serbia it is now.

Serbia isn't and never will be allies with NATO or america!!

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Q: Who are the allies of Serbia?
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Who were the all the allies to Serbia in ww1?

the allies to Serbia are the Triple Entente, which included France, Russia and Great Britain...the Commonwealth, Italy, and America were also allies

When did Serbia and Russia ally?

They were allies forever.

Serbia declared war on russia?

No, they are allies for ages.

Who was allied with Serbia in World War 1?

Serbia was on the Allied side, Britain France, Russia and their allies.

Who were Russia's allies in 1914?

France, Britain, Serbia (and Belgium).

Who is Serbia allies?

Britian, France , & Later On America and Italy.

Serbia and Russia were natural allies because they shared what?

The culture.

What did Austria-Hungary do in the balkans in 1908?

They invaded Bosnia who at the time were rather close allies of Serbia. This made Serbia angry and thus forth they contacted Russia who were allies with Serbia. Russia then said that if Austria-Hungary do anything to Serbia, Russia will have to react. Then after the assassination A-H shelled the capital of Serbia and that started the war.

Who was fighting the allies in World War I?

The Kiser of Germany. (edit) And all his allies in serbia, where the war started

Who were Serbia allies in World War 1?

Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia. Russia backed Serbia. As Russia was allies with Britain and France through the triple entente, Serbia had their backing as well. Eventually, America and Belgium supported them too.

Who were allies with Serbia in World War 1?

Russia, Britain and France.

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