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Look to the related link below for a list of main characters .

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Murray ball created the characters from?

Footrot Flats

Who is the author of Footrot Flats?


Who is the main human character in footrot flats?

The main human character in Footrot Flats is Wal Footrot.

Who is Footrot Flats based on?

The cartoon was based around the life of Wal Footrot's sheepdog , called "Dog", on their farm Footrot Flats and the other characters , human and animal , that came into their lives .

Footrot flats was created by who?

Footrot Flats is a Comic Strip created by Murray Ball

Who is the famous NZ that made footrot flats?

Murray Ball is the one who made up Footrot Flats

What were all of the names of all female characters in Footrot Flats?

Major female characters :Darlene "Cheeky" Hobson , Janice "Pongo" Footrot , Dolores Monrovia Godwit "Aunt Dolly" Footrot . ..Minor female characters : Cooch's cousin Kathy , Jess (cooch's dog ) .

Name a character from Footrot Flats?

Wallace Cadwallader "Wal" Footrot .

Who created footrot flats?

Murry Ball

What was footrot flats created by?

Murray Ball .

What date was footrot flats the movie released in theatres in nz?


Who is the famous nz cartoonist who created footrot flats?

Murray ball

Footrot Flats The Dog's Tale 1986 What is the name of the cat?


What are the ratings and certificates for Footrot Flats The Dog's Tale - 1987?

Footrot Flats The Dog's Tale - 1987 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG Australia:M (TV rating) Iceland:L New Zealand:PG

What cartoon is Murray Ball most famous for?

To put it very simply - FOOTROT FLATS.

What is the most famous NZ based cartoon strip?

"Footrot Flats" by Murray Ball .

Who is the main character in footrotflat?

A sheepdog named simply 'Dog' is the main character, and his owner Wal Footrot, a New Zealand farmer is the the main human character, of the comic strip 'Footrot Flats' (also a movie subtitled 'A Dog's Tale').

In which well-known comic strip will you find the characters Wal Cooch and Horse?

Footrot Flat

Who is the dog in a New Zealand comic strip?

If I understood your question correctly , "The Dog" who is a Border Collie from the comic strip 'Footrot Flats' is the main protagonist and is only known by that name .

What is a disease on the hoof of a horse?

M footrot is a disease commonly found in hoses hooves's. this disease can cause problems with the horses ability to walk and run. the way you can tell if a horse has footrot is that 1 it will smell awful if you smell closely. you can prevent this by getting some footrot spray to stop the affect of the footrot.

Why is zinc used to treat footrot?

Your big fat mum

How many Footrot Flats series are there?

No. 27: with the death of Murray Ball's Border Collie, Finn, who was the inspiration for the charactor "Dog" who passed away of old age, Murray had stated that with the death of Finn, he will be 'putting down' the pen for good. for more info visit the website below.

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