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Federigo di messer filoppo alberighi

monna giovanna

monna giovanna's son


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the authors style in writing of Frederigo's Falcon is that he uses alot of figurative language, or long sentences and other stuff. andrew gonzales, patin ay NHS

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Initially, Monna Giovanna is dismissive Federigo's love for her, but she eventually finds it noble. Federigo's Falcon was written by Giovanni Boccaccio.

its not a who, federigos falcon is a book/story, there is a character named federigo and he has a falcon when he used to be what we would now say modern day military. He fell in love with this girl Monna and tried to show his love to her by buying her things to impress her when her husband died. however she never noticed him because so many other men were doing that too. He wasted all his money on her and became very poor. Then one day Monnas son became very ill and she asked him if there was one thing that would make him better and he said the joy of seeing federigos falcon, i must have it. So Monna went to the barn were Federigo was working and had dinner with him. He had nothing to serve so he killed his falcon because it was the only thing worthy enough to give Monna. When Monna found out she was very upset yet happy that he would do that for her. Once Monnas son died, her brothers told her she should remarry. Monna remairred...She married Federigo.

The two main characters in Federigo's Falcon are Federigo and Monna Giovanna. Federigo makes a grave mistake while pursuing his unrequited love for Monna.

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