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Patrick Conroy is the main character, an ambitious and unorthodox teacher who expelled lessons of a textbook for life lessons..

Ms. Brown is Conroy's Yamacraw School Principle (he must explain to her that she is in fact the principle of the school and that the fact that he is white and she is black has nothing to do with their placement), who often criticizes Patrick's way of teaching the challenged kids on Yamacraw Island.

Piedmont is the school super intendent who hires and fires Conroy from his position at Yamacraw, only after holding a trial regarding the matter in South Carolina Court.

Bennington is Piedmont's right hand man.. He is sent in place of Piedmont for more than a few important meetings with Patrick including a meeting about the precariousness of Conroy's position.

Conroy has a number of students whom he not only teachers, but allows in his home. They are all challenged and black but they range from names and nicknames of Cindy Lou, Big C, Jimmy Sue, Top Cat, Prophet, Oscar, Frank, Sidney, Samuel, Charles, Mary, Richard, Ethal, Lincoln, Jasper.. Although I only named 15, Patrick has 18 students.

Zeke Skimberry was the man who helped Conroy commute to and fro the island on a daily basis.

Edna is a caretaker of many of the children on the island, a grandmother. Patrick knows that Edna is greatly admired in the way she raises her "chillun'" and Edna is often the first he went to in the circumstance that he wished to take the kids off the island for any reason. She admired Conroy and usually convinced the rest of island to comply with him. She was loyal to Patrick in his struggle with the school board in the late of the novel.

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