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Who are the communist figures in Asia and what are the communist countries?



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Soviet Union- Joseph Stalin or Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili and in my opinion that most evil man ever even worse than Hitler Vietnam- one of them is Ho Chi Minh Cambodia- Khmer Rouge China- Moa Zedong Singapore- i dont know but i think they are still communist North Korea- Kim Jong-il Afghanistan- Akram Yari Laos- Prince Souphanouvong Yemen- Nasir Abdul Kareem al-Wahayshi (a.k.a. Abu Basir) I sure there alot more and some of the creators and philosophers are Karl Marx, Gracchus Babeuf, Mikhail Bakunin

Henri de Saint-Simon, Robert Owen, Friedrich Engels, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Lev Kamenev

and i pretty sure i missed a few